Elizabeth Olsen Won't Reveal 'Old Boy' Ending

Rising star Elizabeth Olsen (Silent House) tries to avoid the questions hardcore fans are asking about the ending of Spike Lee's upcoming take on 'Old Boy'.

Elizabeth Olsen Old Boy Remake Ending

You don't hear people referring to actress Elizabeth Olsen as 'the other Olsen sister' much anymore. After an impressive breakout performance in last year's indie darling Martha Marcy May Marlene, Olsen has a slate of upcoming films ready to hit theaters in 2012, starting with this weekend's "single-shot" horror/thriller, Silent House.

The newbie starlet isn't waiting on fame to just come, however; she's already gearing up for a big 2013, including a starring role in Spike Lee's Old Boy re-interpretation, which she is sworn not discuss in detail yet.

For those who don't know: Old Boy is based on a manga comic that was adapted into a cult-classic 2003 Korean film by director Chan-wook Park. The story involves a man who is held captive in a room for fifteen years with no explanation why; suddenly he is let free and ordered by his mysterious tormentor to learn the reason behind his imprisonment in 5 days...or else. The freed man meets up with a young girl and the pair investigate the mystery, trying to beat the ominous deadline.

News that Olsen could star in Old Boy opposite Josh Brolin (as the captive man) was certainly welcomed by us. One listen to our Screen Rant Underground podcast will prove that Olsen has several admirers amongst our staff - for her impressive acting chops, first and foremost. While promoting Silent House, Olsen spoke to MTV News about the Old Boy project - and did her best to dodge questions about the twist climax, which the film's producer has assured is an even darker ending in the Americanized version.





That interviewer took a big risk dropping that question - but it is indeed the one that fans have been asking. Chan-wook Park was willing to put everything from a lead actor eating a live octopus (watch that HERE if you dare), to an ending where the protagonist learns one of the most terrible revelations imaginable into his film. It was amusing enough to see American audiences who didn't know how dark and twisted The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is squirm and cringe at David Fincher's version; those who have no idea what Old Boy is will be in for some rough waters, to say the least.

Olsen isn't talking and I doubt anyone else will either. We'll just have to wait and see how daring Lee and Co. are with their filmmaking.

Old Boy (two words) should begin production this year, likely for a 2013 release.

Source: MTV News


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