‘No Strings Attached’ Writer Sells Comedy Pilot to Fox

Fox builds its upcoming comedy lineup by nabbing a sitcom pilot from up and coming writer Elizabeth Meriwether, about a girl who moves in with three guys.

Elizabeth Meriwether

The untitled pilot formerly known as Chicks and D**ks, an ensemble comedy about the sexual politics of young men and women, has been picked up by Fox. The innovative sitcom concept will surely be a breath of fresh air, as television has notoriously steered clear of shows featuring young people and sex.

While the program sounds like another dreary rehash of Friends, it actually is anything but. The concept sees a young woman who, traumatized by a bad breakup, moves in with three guys she meets so they can help her acclimate to her new single status. Okay, so it is two ladies shy of Friends (and only a half step away from My Boys), but as long as the jokes are fresh, who cares?

Is it coincidence that the pilot is written by Elizabeth Meriwether, the same Meriwether who penned the current number one film in the United States, No Strings Attached? It's unclear if Strings' box office success is connected to Fox's pick up of this pilot, or whether or not Meriwether's attachment will translate into viewers. The pilot doesn’t even has a proposed air date, let alone a title. If the intention was to cash in on Meriwether’s box-office success, the relative short memory of audiences may prove an obstacle for the unaired program.

Belonging to what is known as the “Fempire” (a recently coined name for up-and-coming scribes of the female persuasion, such as  Diablo Cody, Dana Fox, and Lorene Scafaria), Meriwether is a multifaceted talent who has written plays, an episode for Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital and acted in bit parts for No Strings Attached and the Noah Baumbach, Jesse Eisenberg dramedy The Squid and the Whale. In addition to her writing duties, Meriwether will serve as executive producer alongside Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope.

No Strings Attach

Meriwether isn’t the only one involved in the show that’s having a great 2011. Chernin Entertainment is riding high this year as they also have Tim Kring’s Touch and a comedy entitled Outnumbered being snatched up by the network.

Although Chicks and D**ks won’t likely be the show’s title, this marks the second sitcom pilot Fox has selected that came to them with an eye grabbing title, I Hate my Teenage Daughter being the first.


Source: Deadline

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