Eli Roth Working on 'Thanksgiving' Script

It’s been over a year since director Eli Roth gave us an update on Thanksgiving - the proposed feature film version of his fake Grindhouse trailer. With its comically over-the-top violence and tongue-in-cheek adoration of late '70s/early '80s slasher films, audiences agreed that the concept was brimming with big screen potential.

Initially, Roth planned on making Thanksgiving for a paltry $15 million and wanted to shoot the film by tacking an extra three weeks onto the production of Endangered Species - a $60 million sci-fi film.

Our friends at Cinema Blend had an opportunity to sit down with Roth while he was promoting The Last Exorcism. During that interview, Roth put to rest the rumors that he'd be working on Cell and there was no mention of Endangered Species, but he says a Thanksgiving movie is definitely still in the cards:

“I’ve been working on the script with my co-writer, Jeff Rendell, who plays the pilgrim in the trailer. And it’s me imitating Jeff’s voice [for the narration]. But Jeff has been working. I said that his deal is he has to work on the script while I’m promoting The Last Exorcism, and as soon as I’m done in mid-September he’s going to fly to California, we’re going to sit down, and bang out the script.”

Although the Thanksgiving trailer is less than three minutes in length, I think it’s the closest Roth has come to showcasing his unique sense of humor.  There are traces of said humor in Cabin Fever, and to a lesser extent the Hostel movies, but it never seemed to totally gel with the other elements in play.

I’ll freely admit that Thanksgiving was my favorite trailer in Grindhouse and although Machete beat it to the screen, it was always the one I was rooting for to make the leap to full-blown feature. If  you’ve never seen it, check it out below (but be warned - it’ NSFW).


I laugh out loud every time the police officer says “It’s blood.” And good luck trying to get the image of the pilgrim desecrating the human turkey out of your head. I think that was one of the last times my jaw actually dropped in a theater.

Roth’s desire to shoot fast and capture as many kills as possible makes it sound like Thanksgiving would be a ridiculously entertaining film. It certainly isn’t highbrow entertainment - but trashy guilty pleasures have their place too (see: Piranha 3D).

Source: Cinema Blend.

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