Eli Roth Returning to the Director's Chair for 'The Green Inferno'

Eli Roth Directing 'The Green Inferno'

Seven years have passed since Eli Roth’s Hostel – along with the Saw series – officially heralded the era of horror filmmaking now dubbed “torture porn.” Yet, while the latter series has gone on to spawn six sequels (with more potentially in the pipeline), the Hostel franchise has fallen into the realm of straight-to-video releases, and Roth’s directorial career has gone dormant.

That’s all about to change now, with news that Roth is set to direct and co-produce an upcoming horror film titled The Green Inferno.

According to THR, Roth wrote the film with Guillermo Amoedo, who he collaborated with on the upcoming earthquake thriller Aftershock, now in post-production. The Green Inferno story, based on an idea by Roth, remains a mystery - though it’s likely to feature his signature gore.

Roth first made a name for himself with 2002’s Cabin Fever, but it wasn’t until the release of Hostel that he earned his reputation as a bankable horror auteur. Other than those films, however, his only full-length directorial effort was 2007’s Hostel: Part II, which failed to equal the success of its predecessor. Roth has since essentially cut ties with that franchise. That said, with box office results favoring horror remakes over original material, let alone films as graphically violent as the ones Roth is known for, it’s unknown if there’s as large a market for Roth’s style now as there was a few years ago.

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Having produced and co-written the upcoming release The Man with the Iron Fists, Roth has certainly been staying busy. He’s also currently working on the series Hemlock Grove for Netflix and has numerous other projects in development, including sci-fi film Endangered Species. Then there are those fans still waiting for Roth to adapt his fake trailer Thanksgiving – as seen in 2007’s Grindhouse – into a full-length feature. However, it looks like The Green Inferno is up first.

The Green Inferno is scheduled to begin shooting in Peru and Chile in the fall.

Source: THR

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