Eli (Hostel) Roth LIKES The MPAA

According to the MTV Movie Blog despite the fact that Eli Roth is a maker of uber-gross and torture-laden horror movies, Eli actually respects what the MPAA does. Considering the general view of studios and moviemakers regarding the MPAA (which hands out movie ratings), I was very surprised to read this.

Roth was the director of the very successful Hostel and the soon to be in theaters sequel Hostel II.

In regards to the sequel itself, Roth states:

"I was careful about how I used the violence, and really wanted to create an overall more terrifying film experience, and not just make a gore-fest. You can always make a film more gory by adding more tools and more bodies, but what I really wanted to do was create classic horror movie moments and make the entire film scary from start to finish."

For me at least, that's encouraging. I'm not a big fan of what's come to be known as "torture porn", which basically makes viewers cringe more than frightening them, as a horror film should. Oh, no doubt there will be plenty of cringe-worthy scenes in there, but I'm hoping that overall it delivers more of a classic horror movie package than did the first film.

In regards to his thoughts on the movie rating organization:

"I am one of the filmmakers who believes in the MPAA. I think it’s a great system. Now, my films are very violent, and if I made films with a lot of sexuality I might feel differently, but I’ve always felt they dealt with me extremely fairly. It’s not a censorship board. They don’t tell you what to cut. What happens is you submit your film, and then you talk with them if they feel it’s NC-17, and you discuss certain areas that may need to be toned down in order to get an R."

And as far as the general outcry that the MPAA = censorship:

"In other countries, like England, the government watches your movie and then tells you exactly what to cut. That’s it. You have no say whatsoever. The MPAA is an organization hired by the studios to self-police, specifically so that we will not have government involvement in rating films. The MPAA exists so that we don’t have censorship, and they understand what I do, and what my fans want to see. That said, they also represent the parents of America and have to be the referee and decide how much is too much. We may disagree at times, but we have lengthy discussions about why I feel the violence is important, and usually come to a compromise that both sides are happy with.

I have to admit this changes my opinion of Roth somewhat. I've read previously that all he wants to do is push the envelope and the movies should just blow through the roof in regards to showing more violence and make it more extreme to boot.

Really interesting stuff. For the whole thing, head on over to the MTV Movie Blog.

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