'Elementary' Season 4 Adds John Noble As Series Regular

John Noble

Coming after Guy Ritchie's films and the BBC series Sherlock, many were skeptical that Elementary would have legs when it premiered on CBS in fall 2012. After all, a modern-day Sherlock Holmes was no longer a novel concept.

However, the show - which stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Holmes and Watson, respectively - has proven to be a winner for the network, both from a ratings and critical perspective. With season 4 set to premiere this fall, the show is adding a new player to the cast, one that should prove to be familiar to fans of television drama.

CBS has announced that John Noble - also known as Denethor from The Lord of the Rings trilogy to movie geeks the world over - will join Elementary in season 4 as Sherlock's estranged father. His character has been referenced on the series but never seen. Moreover, he's reportedly responsible for his son's first rehab stint as well as pairing him with Watson. The season 4 premiere will again touch on these facts, as the elder Holmes arrives in New York to deal with his son's recent relapse.

In addition to his big-screen appearance in Peter Jackson's Middle-Earth epic, Noble has starred as a series regular on both Fringe and, more recently, Sleepy Hollow. He's also appeared in guest spots on hit dramas like The Good Wife and 24.

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in Elementary Season 3 Episode 15

Clearly Noble brings tons of experience to Elementary, but even more exciting for fans, his addition to the cast could introduce tons of story possibilities and radically affect the dynamic between Sherlock and Watson along the way. It's a smart move for the creative team behind the show, especially since season 4 is often the stumbling block that decides whether a show will flourish or start to falter midway through its run.

Noble - who brought a distinct energy and strong presence to both Fringe and Sleepy Hollow - is almost certain to provide the same kind of narrative boost to Elementary as well. Season 3's ratings have dipped, and his casting is likely one of several moves designed to keep the show fresh and viewers coming back for more.

Do you think Noble is a good choice for the role of Sherlock's father? Let us know your thoughtsin the comments section below.


Elementary season 4 will premiere on CBS this fall.

Source: CBS

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