When Elektra Natchios first arrived in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, it was under a shroud of mystery. Presented to readers first as a professional hit-woman, she was later revealed as a member of a ninja cult and eventually something more… supernatural.

Expert martial artist is only the top of her long resume of powers. Advancing deeper into the comics lore, Elektra has displayed telepathic talents and even some “mind over matter” moves.

Over time, she became one the most enigmatic players in the Marvel Universe. Not really a heroine, she operates more as an agent of a higher mystical force.

Despite fighting for good (most of the time), she has still done some very evil things. An unabashed killer who believes herself to be beyond the laws of humanity, Elektra often defies the laws of physics as well.

With Elektra slated to return in Netflix’s The Defenders, here’s some facts about the character (as well as some real-world tidbits) to add to your knowledge about this super-slayer.


Elektra Agent of Shield Defenders: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Elektra

As we all know, S.H.I.E.L.D. is the home of the top super-spies of the Marvel universe. Many characters have had stints at the agency legendarily run by the unforgettable Nick Fury. Everybody from Black Widow and Mockingbird to Falcon and Hawkeye have been on the agency’s roster. It’s been led by Iron Man at one time and even the Green Goblin at another. So why not let everybody’s favorite magic ninja assassin join in the fun, too?

Director Fury hired Elektra to beat back a nasty scheme started by a villainous team-up of HYDRA and The Hand, who were teaming up to kill heroes and resurrect them as murderous slaves – including Wolverine. With those two in the room, you can expect a whole lot of mayhem. This was a “hired gun scenario” – one of many – so Elektra’s S.H.I.E.L.D. membership wasn’t forever.


Another time that Nick Fury gave contracting work to Elektra, she found herself facing off against the super-secret society HYDRA, which the evil Red Skull infamously led for a while. As the classic nemesis organization pitted against S.H.I.E.L.D., it should be of no surprise that Hydra would want to make talent like Elektra an offer she couldn’t refuse. Except, of course, she refused.

This caused the villainous cabal to send Silver Samurai to track her down and kill her – which didn’t end very well for that particular bad guy. Despite Elektra’s checkered past and former affiliation with other leagues of assassins, her rejection of HYDRA should provide a clue as to what side she is ultimately on. Which is good for Marvel heroes, as the lady can sometimes seem downright unstoppable!