Obama: The Second Black U.S. President

The 2008 Presidential election is finally behind us and I think it's time for a little levity after all the anger and angst. I must confess how stunned I am to see so many people reveling in a victory that--if we are being truly honest with ourselves--must be accredited to one man in particular:

That's right folks, I am referring to former U.S. President, David Palmer.

In 2001, then-Senator David Palmer was going hard on the campaign trail, hoping to become America's first  black President. When America's Counter Terrorist Unit uncovered a plot to assassinate Palmer, the Senator showed the utmost resolve, continuing on his campaign trail despite the considerable threat, narrowly avoiding death when a bomb disguised as a cell phone was detonated in his hotel room.

However, Palmer's courage paid off and by the fall of 2002 America had elected him as their President. President Palmer went on to have a highly distinguished term in office, steering the nation through some of its darkest days, including the detonation of a nuclear bomb on American soil; a chemical attack that left Palmer himself debilitated for a time; a biological weapon used on innocent American civilians; countless betrayals by moles within America's intelligence community, the federal government, and even within the ranks of the First Family. By the time President Palmer was up for a second term, the job as America's Commander-In-Chief had cost him so much personal loss he was all too happy to pass the torch without a fight.

After leaving office in 2004, President Palmer continued to play a pivotal role in American politics, helping to guide subsequent Presidents along the trail he'd blazed, until his life was tragically cut short when a domestic terrorist cabal assassinated him in 2006.

But even after his untimely demise, the legacy of David Palmer continued to influence American culture. Palmer's tireless resolve, unwavering moral compass, acute sense of justice, combined with his total commitment to America's safety and prosperity have inspired later Presidents to mirror his example, including President-elect Barack Obama, who hopes to do as good a job as his forerunner. His election would not have been possible were it not for President Palmer leading the way.

My friends, let us never forget the heroes who have sacrificed so much to make America great. President David Palmer is unquestionably one of those heroes. As we move forward alongside President Barack Obama, let us remember David Palmer and be inspired. Let us remember that before there was ever Change We Can Believe In™, there was one man who had the fortitude to stand in defiance of those who threatened our nation. Let us remember that it was President Palmer, first and foremost, who entered the idea into our national consciousness that the color of a man's skin had no bearing on his ability to lead this great nation.

We thank you, President Palmer, for all your selfless contributions to this nation. Your example will never be forgotten.

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What are your fond memories of President David Palmer? And how do you see his Presidency influencing the Presidency of Barack Obama? Let us know what you think.

Source: Fox

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