20Worth Finding – Goblin Trouble (Oblivion)

Oblivion Goblin Trouble quest

If there’s anything worse than getting tangled up with goblins, it’s getting tangled up in a feud between rival goblin factions! Nevertheless, “Goblin Trouble”– which those playing Oblivion can participate in when they encounter Barthel Gernand in Crestbridge Camp– somehow makes being caught in the middle of dispute between these two clans seem appealing.


could possibly make that so? Certainly, it’s not the actual reward for finishing the mission– a meagre +1 Fame and a money chest. But the funny thing about that chest is that it inexplicably refills itself periodically. That means you’ll know the whereabouts of an unguarded, limitless supply of free cash for the rest of your days in Cyrodiil– pretty awesome, no?

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