Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood DLC & Skyrim Special Edition Trailers

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The E3 gaming trade show is now underway, with the industry's biggest names wheeling out their biggest guns in hopes of building up hype among games journalists in attendance and millions of fans watching from home. Among the first day's presenters was Bethesda, who showed off multiple new titles and sequels along with expansions to their existing lineup -- already one of the most robust in recent-generation gaming.

Among the big news was some new DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online and a remaster of Elder Scrolls' fan-favorite Skyrim, one of the most popular games of the previous generation. The latter was expected by many fans thanks to building rumors, but still proved to be part of an impressive display from Bethesda. 

Set in a sprawling dark fantasy kingdom, The Elder Scrolls series has acrued legions of fans over multiple sequels and spinoffs, representing one of the most resilient fantasy/action gaming sagas ever created. Focused on character choice and player agency, the series is prized for its abundance of content and massive gameworlds, consistently showing off the highest capabilities of each technological generation they appear in, whether they be the massive individual games of the main series or the ever-expanding world of TES Online.

The rumors are real. We're getting a TES V: #Skyrim remaster! #E32016

— IGN @ E3 (@IGN) June 13, 2016

Revealed at E3, the latest major DLC experience for the Online series will be The Dark Brotherhood, which will allow players to join the infamous assassin's guild and carry out murder-for-hire stealth operations. While the world of The Elder Scrolls has always been notably darker than many other video game fantasy realms, Dark Brotherhood promises to offer an unprecedented level of morally murky bloodshed as players stalk their prey in service to the devious organization of the title.

However, despite having only a brief "sizzle-reel" trailer largely focused on graphical enhancements, the biggest Elder Scrolls news was likely the announcement that Skyrim -- the fifth game in the main series -- was being remastered for current-generation consoles. Along with the aforementioned upgrades the trailer also promises players the ability to play mods from the PC version of the game on consoles -- a much-demanded feature that had not been made available before.

In Skyrim, players are able to explore a previously mysterious realm of the Elder Scrolls world in the role of a "Dragonborn" who can utilize the language and powers of mighty dragons. The remastered version, which had been rumored for weeks leading up to the E3 event, is currently targeting an October 2016 release date.

Screen Rant will have more details on both The Elder Scrolls and Skyrim as they are made available.

Source: IGN

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