Our 8 Biggest Unanswered Questions After El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Breaking Bad El Camino Questions Jesse Skyler Gene

Here are our biggest unanswered questions from El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. The feature-length Netflix film continues the story of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) after the events of the Breaking Bad series finale, which first aired six years ago. Vince Gilligan, who created the series and its spin-off, Better Call Saul, returns to the universe as both writer and director of El Camino.

The movie picks up in the immediate aftermath of "Felina", the final episode of Breaking Bad. We start with Jesse fleeing the compound - where Walt has just killed all of Jack's neo-Nazi gang, while Jesse himself killed Todd - in the El Camino car that gives the film its title. From there, we get what's essentially an epilogue to the main story of the show, following Jesse in his attempts to find a fresh start while also delving deeper into his past and fleshing out aspects of Breaking Bad.

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By the end of the movie, Jesse has moved to Alaska with some help from Ed the Disappearer (the late Robert Forster), and got his happy ending. However, while it's a fitting conclusion for the character, much like Breaking Bad's own ending, it doesn't tie everything up in a neat bow, and instead leaves a number of questions behind.

8. What Happened To Skinny Pete & Badger?

Like they did in Breaking Bad, Skinny Pete & Badger provide much of El Camino's humor, but also a lot of its heart too. Jesse has to leave them behind, and sadly we don't see the duo again after the early exchanges of the movie, although Skinny's "you're my hero" line is a nice place to end things. The first teaser for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie had Skinny Pete being questioned by the DEA about Jesse's whereabouts; it didn't make it into the movie, but we can still assume that happened, while Badger likely made it back from the border. Beyond that, however, it's unclear if they'll face any consequences for helping Jesse escape, or if they'll simply go back to their life of playing video games and writing Star Trek scripts.

7. Where's Walter's Family?

Although Walter White himself appears in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, his family, Skyler and Walt Jr., don't. This isn't too surprising, since they don't have as strong a connection to Jesse, but it means what happened to them after Breaking Bad's ending remains ambiguous. Is Skyler safe from the FBI's investigations? Did Walt Jr. actually get the money Walt arranged to be transferred to him? Were they able to move on from what Walt put them through? Understandably, El Camino doesn't give us any answers.

6. What Was In Jesse's Letter To Brock?

Jesse Letter in El Camino

Although Brock doesn't appear in El Camino (because the actor who played him is now way too old), his presence is still felt at the very end of the movie, when Jesse gives Ed a letter to deliver to him. It's a touching reminder of how important Brock and Andrea became to Jesse, and nice to see that he's still looking out for the kid. Ed reads it, so we know it was safe and didn't give anything away, but we don't get a chance to read or hear its contents. It likely includes Jesse telling Brock to be happy and live life to the full, while apologizing for what happened to his mother and that he can't be there for him, but it would've been an even sweeter moment to know the specifics.

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5. Where Is Brock Now?

Since Brock doesn't appear, we also don't get to see where he is now, who he's living with, or how happy and safe he is. The address on Jesse's letter is in Albuquerque, and after Breaking Bad it was believed that Brock had gone to live with his great-grandmother, but whether that's accurate, or if some sadder fate has befallen Brock, is left up in the air. What's clear, though, is that with Jesse's letter not giving anything away about his new life or identity, they're never going to see each other again.

4. What Happened To Huell?

Huell Babineaux became Breaking Bad's greatest meme after the series finale, which left his fate unresolved as he simply sat in the safe house, waiting for the return of the DEA Agents that was never actually going to come. Although a Funny or Die video imagined Huell's life after Breaking Bad as a sitcom, his actual fate remains unresolved. While he's appeared in Better Call Saul, there's been no mention of him in the future of that show, and he doesn't appear in El Camino either. Is Huell still waiting? Probably not, but it's more fun to imagine things that way.

3. What Will Jesse Do Next?

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie

At long last, Jesse Pinkman gets the ending he deserved. He makes it to Alaska for a fresh start, and although he still has the scars of what happened to him and has had to leave those closest to him behind, it's mostly a happy ending for Jesse. He has a new home, a new identity, and a number of possibilities, so what will he do now? El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie offers a hint through the flashback with Walt, where we see the former talk about Jesse possibly going to college, and perhaps studying Business. Jesse's moved to a small town, but it's not impossible he could go back to his studies and eventually set up some kind of business. Aaron Paul once said he thought Jesse had moved to Alaska and became a carpenter, which is another plausible ending for him (with or without the Business degree).

2. Has Something Bad Happened To Saul/Gene?

Saul Goodman is among the truly major Breaking Bad characters who don't appear in El Camino, but there's a good reason for that. Unlike Mike, Walt et al, Saul Goodman didn't die at the end of Breaking Bad, but also, as opposed to Walt's family, we also know where he is. Saul is living a quiet life in Omaha as Gene, a Cinnabon employee, but El Camino does reference him. Ed makes mention of "the lawyer", clearly meaning Saul, and the way it's phrased - with Saul lumped in with what happened to Walt - is at least a possible hint that he's died, or befallen some other terrible fate. While Better Call Saul is ongoing, this is plausible: it's been suggested that the Gene-centric parts of Better Call Saul are actually before Walt's death in Breaking Bad, and thus also before the events of El Camino. So if something has happened to him, it could be known about by Ed at this point, although we won't learn either way until Better Call Saul returns.

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1. Will There Be Another Breaking Bad Movie?

Will there be a sequel to El Camino? At this point, it's impossible to say. When Breaking Bad ended, fans assumed that was the last they'd seen of the world and its characters, and then Vince Gilligan made Better Call Saul. Again, it was expected that was the only spin-off, but then along came El Camino. Like most of Breaking Bad's cast, Paul has complete trust in Gilligan and is up for it if he ever wants to do a sequel. The ending we get here is such a perfect finale for Jesse's story that it seems unlikely, but Breaking Bad fans - and Gilligan himself - have learned to never say never. It's possible there will be a sequel to El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, or another movie focused on a different character and part of this universe, but the more immediate focus will be on Better Call Saul season 5.

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