• El Camino includes a lot of Breaking Bad characters... 1 / 17

    El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie Poster Vertical TLDR
  • Obviously there's Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), whose story continues here. 2 / 17

  • Walter White (Bryan Cranston) appears in a flashback towards the end of the movie. 3 / 17

    Bryan Cranston as Walter White on Breaking Bad
  • Soo too does Jesse's late girlfriend, Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter. 4 / 17

  • Jesse Plemons' Todd has a big role in flashbacks, showing more of his torment of Jesse. 5 / 17

    Breaking Bad vertical
  • El Camino opens with a flashback scene of Jesse talking to Mike (Jonatahn Banks), who tells him about Alaska. 6 / 17

    Jonathan Banks As Mike Ehrmantraut On Better Call Saul
  • Jesse goes to his old friends Skinny Pete & Badger (Charles Baker and Matt Jones), who help him escape. 7 / 17

    Breaking Bad vertical
  • Ed the Disappearer (Robert Forster) arranges for Jesse's move to Alaska. 8 / 17

  • Salvage yard owner Old Joe (Larry Hankin) tries to help Jesse out in El Camino, like he did in Breaking Bad. 9 / 17

  • ADA Ericsen, from Better Call Saul, makes an appearance on a news broadcast... 10 / 17

  • She's alongside SAC Ramey from Breaking Bad. 11 / 17

  • Clarence is played by David Wattey, who played Man Mountain in Better Call Saul season 1. 12 / 17

  • ABQ police officer Simon Drobik appears, having previously cameoed in Better Call Saul. 13 / 17

  • Kenny, one of Jack's gang, appears in flashback tormenting Jesse. 14 / 17

  • Other characters are mentioned, including Lydia and Brock. 15 / 17

  • There's also a reference to Saul, whose fate is called into question and might hint at Better Call Saul S6. 16 / 17

    Bob Odenkirk As Saul Goodman On Better Call Saul
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