• The ending of El Camino was perfectly symmetric to Breaking Bad's ending. 1 / 10

    El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie Poster Vertical TLDR
  • At the end of the show's finale, Jesse stole the car and drove through the darkness of night. 2 / 10

    Breaking Bad vertical
  • He was beat down, dirty, and let out a scream with a mix of emotions. 3 / 10

    Breaking Bad vertical
  • Jesse was free but his life was still in danger. 4 / 10

    Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul El Camino TLDR vertical
  • At the end of El Camino, Ed helped Jesse relocate to Alaska with a new identity. 5 / 10

    Robert Forster in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
  • Jesse was then seen driving a car through the bright snow-covered land of Alaska. 6 / 10

    Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad Poster TLDR Vertical
  • He was clean-shaven, put together, and even cracked a faint smile. 7 / 10

    Aaron Paul in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
  • The ending between the two was in complete contrast. 8 / 10

    Jesse Pinkman BTS El Camino Vertical
  • Another example of how Vince Gilligan is a master with symbolism. 9 / 10

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