Edward Norton In For The Avengers If You Want Him To Be

Edward Norton as The Hulk in The Avengers Movie Comic-Con

A hot topic for Marvel movie fans ever since The Incredible Hulk debuted the same summer as Iron Man in 2008 is whether or not Edward Norton would be back to reprise the role in a sequel, or more importantly, The Avengers. There were some widely publicized disagreements between Norton and Marvel about what version of the film made the final cut and ever since then, it's been unclear on his future with the studio and their franchise plans.

MTV had the opportunity to speak with Ed Norton about his new charity project,, and took some time to discuss the Marvel movie universe. While he said he hadn't yet seen Iron Man 2 - a movie he was once rumored to cameo in - he did leave the question about his return open to the fans.

"Well, if people want it all to come together, they’ve got to email Marvel and say, 'This is what I want,'"

I feel like we've already been doing this for two years. I don't get it; Why is this still unconfirmed?

The four key characters that will all have had their own interconnected solo movies out in time to lead in to The Avengers are the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. We all know that, we all saw the movies and they made them that way intentionally. Yet ever since The Incredible Hulk came out and the news of disagreements between Norton and Marvel about the script and story, there's really been nothing official on the Hulk's role in The Avengers.

In my opinion, Hulk needs to be a part of that movie and Edward Norton needs to be Bruce Banner. His acting skills and his portrayal of Bruce Banner would make for brilliant chemistry in conjunction with Robert Downey Jr.'s wit, the God of Thunder's stature and the 1940s charm of Chris Evans' Captain America.

As far as I'm concerned, Norton is either in or out and according to him, he doesn't know anything about it. So, this is either a big secret to be revealed later, or Marvel is holding off as long as they can to drop the biggest, fattest piece of disappointment from their studio to date.

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