'Edge of Tomorrow' TV Trailer: Not a Soldier, But a Weapon

It's ironic that Tom Cruise is having trouble generating box office returns these days, because he's arguably making some of the best films he's done in years. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol managed to coast on the strength of brand recognition; however, Cruise's efforts with new cinematic properties like Jack Reacher and Oblivion got much less response. Despite lukewarm theatrical returns, Reacher and Oblivion eventually earned a following, once rental and/or cable viewing allowed audiences to discover them without clashing with the idea of putting movie ticket money in Cruise's pocket.

At the moment, it seems that Cruise's latest sci-fi film project, Edge of Tomorrow, could be headed for a similar fate - even though the early reviews of the film have praised it as a quality sci-fi blockbuster experience. The 'Cruise Curse,' may still be in effect, but that isn't stopping Warner Bros. from launching one last marketing push in attempt to convince summer moviegoers that Bourne Identity director Doug Liman's blockbuster sci-fi flick has action and visuals worthy of their dollar.

Edge of Tomorrow TV Trailer starring Tom Cruise

This latest TV trailer (via Fandango) takes the Groundhog Day-meets-Starship Troopers premise of the film and clearly spells it out for viewers - who may have been confused by the more vague and atmospheric early trailers for the film. We learn about how Cruise's character, Cage, finds himself in a time loop - and how this ability could help humanity win the war against invading extraterrestrial foes. To give the film a heartbeat, we meet Emily Blunt's character, Rita, and learn that she too had once utilized the reboot power to become a formidable warrior - and that it is the growing connection between her and Cage (and the question of love vs. sacrifice) that will be the emotional core of the tale.

All in all, Edge of Tomorrow is looking like a perfect fit for the sci-fi/action sub-genre in a summer where films like X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and even Guardians of the Galaxy are using conventions of the genre to create some intriguing (and hopefully effective) blockbuster movie experiences.

Edge of Tomorrow will be in theaters on June 6, 2014. We'll be there - will you?

Source: Fandango

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