Edge of Tomorrow 2 Will Make Sense of the First Movie's Ending

Edge of Tomorrow 2 sets its writers and director

Edge of Tomorrow screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie has revealed that the upcoming sequel will explain the first film's confounding ending. Doug Liman directed Tom Cruise in the 2014 science fiction action film, based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka's Japanese graphic novel, All You Need is Kill, and the director is set to return to direct the second and final installment in the movie series (currently titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat), with Cruise and Emily Blunt confirmed to reprise their roles from the first film.

Although the first movie was written by McQuarrie (who's enjoyed a long-lasting partnership with Cruise, and is directing the actor in Mission: Impossible 6) and Black Mass screenwriters/brothers Jez and John-Henry Butterworth, the upcoming sequel is being penned by Race scribes Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse, though McQuarrie is expected to still remain heavily involved in the creative process.

Shortly after sharing a new photo of the women of the upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel, McQuarrie initiated an impromptu Q&A on Twitter, which ended up with him fielding queries about Live Die Repeat and Repeat. Although he didn't have much to share on that front, he did say that the upcoming sequel will explain Edge of Tomorrow's ending - or, at least, make sense of it.

The end of Edge I will finally make complete sense.

— ChristopherMcQuarrie (@chrismcquarrie) June 18, 2017

As previously mentioned, the movie was based on a graphic novel, and like any book-to-screen adaptations, the Hollywood version took many liberties with the source material, including its ending. At the end of the film, Rita (Blunt) had been killed trying to buy Cage (Cruise) enough time to destroy the Omega, which he did. However, it cost him his life. As he died, he somehow managed to absorb the Omega's blood - just as he initially did with an Alpha earlier on in the movie - triggering yet another reset, though this time they had won the war with the Mimics. Audiences had questioned the movie's ending, and it appears that it's something the filmmakers want to explain, in some way, in the sequel.

Aside from plot details, McQuarrie was questioned about the film's title, which Liman had revealed last month while promoting his new film, The Wall. Instead of diving deep into the reasoning behind the title, the screenwriter revealed that he had not been consulted on its decision.

I was not consulted. #McQandA

— ChristopherMcQuarrie (@chrismcquarrie) June 18, 2017

Despite being critically-acclaimed (and heralded as one of the best time-travel movies of all-time), the movie failed to achieve success at the domestic box office, thereby relying on international markets to turn a profit. Since most people identified the film as Live Die Repeat (the movie's tagline) instead of its actual title of Edge of Tomorrow, Warner Bros. decided to officially alter the title for the movie's release on home video. It looks like they plan on maintaining that change for the sequel, Live Die Repeat and Repeat.

Source: Christopher McQuarrie

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