Edgar Wright Back To Writing 'Ant-Man'

Edgar Wright talks Ant-Man movie

While two big Marvel superheroes charge toward theatrical releases this summer in Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, one very small one still hides in the corner. Fans of Edgar Wright and Marvel who remain hopeful that Ant-Man will get an official release date or appear as part of the superhero roster in The Avengers can remain disappointed.

Like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the lengthy amount of time it took to come to fruition once Wright climbed aboard, Ant-Man has been in the script stages for years. The latest update places the geek favorite director still at the writing stage, working alongside fellow writer Joe Cornish (The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn) on the latest Ant-Man script draft.

Unlike the Iron Man films which are assigned strict release dates before stories are finalized and forced into production without adequate time for preparation, Ant-Man is a lower budget film that doesn't seem to have had any strict deadlines (yet).

"This one's not about about the urgency of summer tentpoles and things going into production without a script... It's slightly different than that. "

Wright recently had another meeting with Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige where they discussed the project and now they seem to be at the stage of putting together the next draft. While there's been no official movement on the project or the story it will follow, we have a general idea of Wright's vision to go along with our comedic expectations - even if it's not a comedy - from what he described about his Ant-Man concept last summer.

“I know there’s a big stigma attached to it, mostly because every movie about shrinking has been about people in peril. I think it’d be great to do a shrinking film about a bad-ass secret agent.”

“Even something like The Incredible Shrinking Man, which is a fantastic film, is about a guy in trouble. But this is going to be nothing like that. It’s essentially a high-tech spy heist film with somebody with a very particular power.”

With The Avengers being the only currently scheduled Marvel Studios film of 2012 and ditto for Iron Man 3 in 2013, there's room for a second film both summers to fulfill Marvel's goal of two major theatrical releases per year. Since Runaways has been delayed from its previously planned March 2011 production date, will Marvel push for another film to enter production this year for a 2012 release? Could it be Ant-Man?

When Feige talked about the future Marvel Studios movies, he did indicate that Ant-Man would go intro production not long after The Avengers and that shoots from April to September.

We hope so as Wright delivers what fans want in a quality manner. Scott Pilgrim didn't make big bank at the box office, but everyone who watches it, critics and moviegoers alike, all come out with a positive reaction.

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Source: LA Times

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