Edgar Wright Asked To Direct Episode of 'The Walking Dead' Season 2

Director Edgar Wright is a fanboy favorite for his wickedly funny comedy films Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, as well as the video game-inspired comic book adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Could the 36-year-old British director bolster his credibility even further by guest directing an episode of the popular AMC drama The Walking Dead?

In an interview with Collider at the South by Southwest Film Festival, Edgar Wright talked about the possibility of returning to TV, where he first made his mark with the British comedy Spaced. When Collider off-handedly suggested that Wright might be a good fit for The Walking Dead, Wright responded with a surprising revelation.

According to Wright, Walking Dead executive producer Frank Darabont had actually asked him to direct an episode of the show. However, he wasn't sure whether or not he should take Darabont up on the offer, saying that, while he was a fan of the show, it's something that "you wanna be in on the ground floor."

Wright also was concerned about interrupting the quality of the show, saying said that he "wouldn’t wanna be the guy that comes in and f--ks it up," to which friend and frequent collaborator Nick Frost, who starred in both Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, quipped that he "probably would."

Collider will have additional nuggets from Edgar Wright when they post their full interview, so check back for more later. In the meantime, let us ponder what an Edgar Wright episode of The Walking Dead might look like.

The Walking Dead Season 2

Clearly, The Walking Dead is not a comedy. It is a very human drama wrapped in gore. Does that mean Edgar Wright would be a bad fit for the show? I think not.

In all his films, and hopefully in his upcoming film Ant-Man, Wright has shown an impressive ability to paint create very sympathetic characters. Although his films are comedies, there's always an emotional chord that runs through them. My guess is that a Wright-directed episode of The Walking Dead would not deviate from that formula.

Of course, judging from his comments, it's probably a pipe dream to hope that Wright will take up Frank Darabont on his offer. Nevertheless, it's a fun thing to debate (certainly more fun than Robert Kirkman's suggestion that Charlie Sheen appear in the show) particularly since it will be a long while before Season Two of The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead season 2 premieres October 2011

Source: Collider

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