Edgar Wright Offers 'Night Stalker' and 'Collider' Updates; Planning New Horror Film

The World's End cast with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Filmmaker Edgar Wright completes his cheekily-named "Three Flavors Cornetto" trilogy - which includes the tongue-in-cheek zombie flick Shaun of the Dead and the buddy-actioner Hot Fuzz - with The World's End, opening in U.S. theaters this week (at the time of writing this). The latter reunites Wright once again with Shaun and Hot Fuzz star/writer Simon Pegg and actor Nick Frost, in addition to a collection of well-respected English players like Martin Freeman (Sherlock), Eddie Marsan (Ray Donovan) and Paddy Considine (Bourne Ultimatum), among others.

Marvel's Ant-Man is (finally) the next item on Wright's to-do list; as such, he's spent much of the promotional tour for The World's End talking about his vision for and approach to that particular superhero mythos. However, those who have been keeping a close eye on Wright's other planned moviemaking ventures - like we have - know that he already has a handful of projects that are in development and lined up to follow his latest comic book adaptation (next to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The Adventures of Tintin, the latter of which Wright only co-wrote).

Wright spoke briefly to The Playlist, with respect to what he's got planned to follow Ant-Man. For starters, Wright provided confirmation that he is still attached to direct a reboot of the Night Stalker franchise:

"Yeah. I think that’s still a ways off, it’s not even been written yet but yeah, it's happening."

Night Stalker, for those unfamiliar, originated as a 1972 made-for-TV movie, which follows the offbeat investigative reporter Carl Kolchak - played by the late Darren McGavin (a.k.a. the dad from A Christmas Story) - on a whirlwind adventure in Las Vegas, where he has a dangerous encounter with a real vampire. The small screen film's success led to another TV movie, The Night Strangler, in addition to the TV series Kolchack: The Night Stalker - pitting McGavin's eponymous reporter against a variety of supernatural threats and creatures.

night stalker remake darren mcgavin

There's certainly potential in a Night Stalker reboot for Wright to create something witty, stylish and thoughtful at once, much like his previous pop-genre productions. It's a fair bet that Wright is going to co-write the project (at the least), but right now there is no screenwriter officially attached to the project. Disney will back the 21st century take on Night Stalker, with the Mouse House eying Johnny Depp - still its prize pony despite the Lone Ranger debacle - to headline.

Presumably, Night Stalker will happen sometime after Depp works on the studio's Into the Woods musical adaptation, in addition to Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and the Alice in Wonderland sequel. In the meantime, Wright has more than enough on his plate to keep him preoccupied until Night Stalker comes together. That includes his mystery project for J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot, titled Collider; which, last we heard, is something that Wright has been collaborating on alongside Mark Protosevich (the writer for director Spike Lee's upcoming Oldboy remake)

Collider details are tightly under-wraps, but the project is speculated to be either science-fictional or fantastical in nature. To a degree, Wright implies as much with his status update for the prospective movie - following his tangent about the modern blogosphere and his busy work schedule - where he mentions the benefits of improved visual effects that comes with being patient:

"That is being written at the moment. It hasn’t gone away. It’s something I’m excited about but it’s a little ways off. I’ve become more superstitious in this day and age and I think people expect to have hourly updates on every project. Even in the case of 'Ant-Man' it's true, twice I was contemplating another project. The chance to do 'The World’s End' came up and it was something more personal and it became very clear to us that we had to do 'World’s End' next and also we wanted to. Marvel was great and said, 'We can wait. See you in two years.' People always say 'Why is it taking so long?' and my answer is that 'I’d rather see the movie with VFX from 2015 than VFX from 2005" and you can’t argue with that.'"

Edgar Wright begins shooting The World's End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Speaking of Wright "contemplating another project," the filmmaker has spoken on-and-off about being interested in making a straight-forward horror film, after his more humorous exercises in the genre with Shaun of the Dead and the Grindhouse faux-trailer Don't. He gave The Playlist a little teaser, with regard to what sort of original spooky flick he has in mind:

"Yes, I am [working on that]. I’m actually developing it with Big Talk and Film 4. It’s something I’ve been doing a lot of research on and I want to write at some point once I’m stopped with this crazy promotion for this movie. I want to do something that’s very visual and has very little dialogue. All of my films have been very dialogue heavy and that’s great. It always makes it more of a challenge to market in other countries. I like watching films that can play in any language because they’re essentially silent."

Lastly, on the possibility of future collaborations with Pegg and Frost, Wright said:

"I’d love to. It’s a very rare and fortunate position to be able to make movies with two of your best friends who happen to be really amazing actors and writers. If we never did a film again I’d be very happy with the three that we’ve done, but it would seem foolish not to work together again. When you’re doing a long press tour as we’ve been doing for the last five weeks, it’s sitting in domestic airports for delayed flight and we have time to talk about what we’d like to do and in the future it might be something dramatically different."

Which project are most you most/least excited to see Wright tackle next, after he finishes making Ant-Man?


The World's End is now playing in the UK; it opens in the U.S. tomorrow on August 23rd, 2013.

Ant-Man opens in theaters on November 6th, 2015.

Source: The Playlist

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