Edgar Wright Filming Marvel's 'Ant-Man' This Year?

'Scott Pilgrim' director Edgar Wright has dropped hints that he could start shooting footage for Marvel's 'Ant-Man' movie sometime this year. Read on for details.

As Marvel enters the second phase of its movie universe, leading from The Avengers into the already-announced Avengers 2, we've gotten solid confirmation on most of the projects on the immediate horizon: Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are both slated for 2013, with Captain America 2 following in 2014, and Avengers 2 expected one to two years thereafter.

However, Ant-Man - the film based on one of the founding members of The Avengers, and a project which has been in the guiding hands of Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright for years now - has been a noticeable absence in Marvel's slate of confirmed films. But recent updates from Wright himself may point to Ant-Man coming down the pipeline sooner before later.

Wright was a guest on the Empire Magazine podcast recently, where he dropped the following quote related to both Ant-Man and his upcoming apocalyptic comedy The World's End (which will conclude the "Blood and Ice Cream" trilogy begun by Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) :

Things are happening, and other things are happening on other things as well. There’s some interesting plates spinning and I ideally hope I’ll be shooting this year.

Those words set off a bevy of rumors and speculation - most of which pointed to Wright "confirming" some earlier teases that Ant-Man will indeed begin production soon. Slash Film followed up with Wright via email, and got the following response:

So as not to jinx things, I am going to remain spectacularly vague on this. Let’s just say I hope to shoot some Ant-Man & World’s End this year.

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Our own Rob Keyes already broke this situation down, explaining in detail why it makes sense for Marvel to do Ant-Man next. If you won't bother to click the preceding link and read Rob's analysis in full, here's the gist of what he says:

  • Our theory at this point is that Marvel movies will branch in two directions: Earthly espionage stories (Cap 2Iron Man 3) and cosmic stories (Thor 2Guardians of the Galaxy), all converging into the plot of Avengers 2.
  • Ant-Man is being envisioned as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, much like Captain America.
  • Captain America 2 will deal with Cap (alongside S.H.I.E.L.D.) dealing with worldly  threats.
  • An Ant-Man movie would therefore tie perfectly with Cap 2 (and a potential S.H.I.E.L.D. movie).

Marvel's 2014 movie slate has been something of mystery, ever since it was announced that Cap 2 would be coming in April (the first springtime release for Marvel), with a second - undetermined - film coming later in the year. Previous words from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige hinted at Edgar Wright shooting some Ant-Man test footage in 2012; if Marvel likes what Wright has put together, don't be too surprised to hear announcements about this Ant-Man movie (its existence, the cast, etc.) at or around the time of Comic-Con 2012.

As always, we'll keep you updated on the status of Ant-Man and all Marvel movies as news is released.

Source: Empire Magazine Slash Film

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