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Edgar Wright was candid when asked if he would have jumped on the opportunity of taking over the Han Solo film if it was offered to him, saying that he would just simply decline it. Most directors would jump on the opportunity to be part of a massive franchise with legion of followers like Star Wars and it is interesting to see Wright's take on the situation especially from someone who has been in a similar boat before.

The recent kerfuffle in the production of the upcoming Star Wars anthology film prompted Lucasfilm and directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord to part ways due to "creative differences." This created a major shake-up in the film's production leaving it director-less for a day before Ron Howard was eventually revealed to be the new project helmer. It is important to note, however, Wright was asked prior to the announcement made by Lucasfilm that Howard will be taking over the helm from the directing duo who were booted from the project with just three weeks left in principal photography.

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Sitting down with Digital Spy while promoting his upcoming project, Baby Driver, Wright was definitive with his choice. He explained his decision by listing down his reasons he would have passed up on the opportunity to direct a much-anticipated film like the Star Wars spin-off:

"No they're friends of mine – I would never do that. Also, having been in that situation myself, the idea of finishing someone else's movie is not something I would do on an ethical level."

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Despite Wright preferring to have total creative liberty with the films he chooses to make, he is not ruling out the possibility of making a big budgeted movie that has a lot of mythos to fit in and a film studio that oversees everything. Still, he believes that films like Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 are the best kinds.

Wright's sentiments about franchise films can be traced back to his own experience with Marvel Studios when he was still developing Ant-Man. Long before the MCU was established, the filmmaker had been developing the treatment for the shrinking superhero - being a fan of the property since he was a kid. Unfortunately, his vision for the film was not aligned with that of Marvel Studios, prompting him to ultimately depart from the project, with Peyton Reed eventually coming in to be the helmer of the Paul Rudd-led project.

More recently, Wright spoke about his exit from Ant-Man and while he still seems uncomfortable in getting into specifics, he sings a very similar tune to what happened to Lord and Miller on the Han Solo film. The difference, however, is that Wright had both directing and writing credits for the Marvel property, while the filmmaking duo was tapped to translate Lawrence Kasdan's (in collaboration with his son, Jon) script to screen. Unfortunately, reports suggest that Kasdan was unhappy with Lord and Miller's treatment of his script - going more improvised and too comedic even for the quippy galactic scoundrel.

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Source: Digital Spy

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