Edgar Wright May Be Up For Directing A DCEU Movie

Although Edgar Wright never got the chance to make a superhero movie for Marvel Studios, he isn't ruling out the possibility of helming a DC Comics movie. People will remember that Wright had abandoned Marvel's Ant-Man movie the year before its release (after having worked on the movie for eight years), citing creative differences with the studio. The filmmaker recently revealed the reason behind his sudden departure, saying that he really "wanted to make a Marvel movie," but he didn't think Marvel "wanted to make an Edgar Wright movie."

It wasn't the first time that Marvel had split with directors over creative differences (Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins also left Marvel's Thor: The Dark World for similar reasons). After all, making a movie that adheres to a specific formula, and one that retains continuity with an overarching narrative, isn't easy to do. In the end, the studio hired Peyton Reed and Chris McKay to take over directing and writing duties, respectively. Although several elements were changed after Wright's departure, the studio chose to keep some aspects of the story, which is why the filmmaker still received story credit for the movie.

Despite not having the best experience with Marvel Studios, it doesn't seem like Wright is opposed to ever helming another superhero movie in the future. While promoting Baby Driver, Screen Geek asked the filmmaker if he would be interested in directing a DC Extended Universe movie, and he wasn't against the idea, though he admitted he's not too familiar with DC Comics' heroes, so he would need to do more research before making a decision.

“I don’t know. I’m really not too familiar with their heroes, so I couldn’t say which one I would do.”

While Wright doesn't expressly say he's willing or unwilling to take on a DCEU movie, the fact that he doesn't dismiss it outright is telling. Aside from the remote possibility that he does work with Warner Bros. on one of their many adaptations, the question is, which movie would he be best suited for? Warners has several comic book movies in various stages of development, some of which already have screenwriters and directors attached. Judging by his directing style, we postulated last year that he would be perfect for The Flash -- and considering that the film is currently without a director, there's at least some chance he could board the project - provided it doesn't go to Lord & Miller or Matthew Vaughn first.

However, the only issue here is that Wright is someone who likes to retain creative control over his projects, meaning that he presumably wouldn't want to work on a movie that has already been written by someone else, unless he got the chance to rewrite the story and script himself. That was one of the major reasons that he abandoned Ant-Man, since Marvel started tweaking the script without his involvement. Considering Warners' process on hiring directors and looking to make 3-4 movies a year, Wright could potentially have his pick of virtually any DC Comics character.

Source: Screen Geek

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