Edgar Wright Plans to Make 'Baby Driver' His Next Movie

Edgar Wright on the set of 'Shaun of the Dead'

Marvel Studios' Ant-Man now has a director who isn't Edgar Wright, and the latter is moving onto other projects - but which one, exactly, is the question. There've been rumors about the Cornetto Trilogy filmmaker next shooting Night Stalker - his reboot of the detective/supernatural creature franchise - though, he also has Collider (a Bad Robot "mystery box" project) and an (officially) untitled horror movie script in some stage of development. Turns out, Wright looks to make another film altogether, as his followup to The World's End (his Cornetto finale).

The movie in question is Baby Driver, a project that Wright's had in the pipeline for a few years now, and was at one point lined up to serve as the filmmaker's next film after Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in 2010 (obviously, that plan ended up changing thereafter). Deadline, in its report on the matter, says that Wright's poised to collaborate with Working Title Films - the production company on The World's End - on Baby Driver, describing Wright's original creation as "a collision of crime, action, music and sound."

There's some overlap between that vague synopsis and the inexact description of Baby Driver that was listed on Edgar Wright's official website a few years back - pegging the project as "a wild spin on the action and crime genre, which will be set in the U.S." Wright's certainly far from being inexperienced, where it concerns him having fun with action/crime genre conventions; his second Cornetto film, Hot Fuzz, was part sendup, part cheeky love letter to Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries and Michael Bay blow-em-ups.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in Edgar Wright film Hot Fuzz
Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in 'Hot Fuzz'

Generally Wright's movies take place outside the States (even Scott Pilgrim is set in Toronto); as such, if the U.S. setting for Baby Driver is still accurate, that would be a slight change of pace for the filmmaker - more so, now that he's no longer calling the shots on Ant-Man. Likewise, there's been no indication that either of Wright's frequent collaborators - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - will be the main players involved with Wright's new project (doesn't rule out a cameo appearance, though).

Now that it's been a couple of months since the Wright/Marvel Studios breakup, it's a bit easier to argue that the schism may've ultimately been best for both parties. Marvel is pressing ahead with Ant-Man and doing well enough at (re)building positive buzz for the superhero film, which Wright looks to go on designing his own one-of-a-kind sandboxes to play in - something that many of his fans would probably prefer for him to keep doing, anyway.

We'll let you know what film Wright does wind up making next - be it Baby Driver or something else - when we do.

Source: Deadline

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