Edgar Wright Talks 'Ant-Man' Script & 'Iron Man' Humor

Edgar Wright Updates Ant-Man Status

In a recent interview with Box Office Magazine, fan-favorite director Edgar Wright talked about his progress on the script for Marvel's Ant-Man and his overall goal for the film.

Wright explained that he hasn't written a second draft of the script yet, but that he'll get started on it after his current film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comes out. Wright then went on to explain that the Ant-Man will be a "high-concept" but funny genre film.

"What we wrote for the first draft, and what Marvel really liked, is that it's funny, but it's a genre film. It's about the level of comedy that Iron Man has. The idea is to make a high-concept genre film where it's within another genre. His suit and its power is the big gadget and it takes place in the real world. I just wanted to do something that was slightly different than the superhero origin film. I felt that between that and the various mad scientist, crazy doctor films that we've all seen, this would be a way into an origin that was slightly different. I'm not really a multi-tasker--I haven't done anything since Marvel liked our first draft."

Wright also touched on Scott Pilgrim and why he opted not to include cameos for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (his close friends and the stars of his popular films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.) To learn more, check out the full interview when it comes out in Box Office Magazine.

Ant-Man Movie Update

I appreciate that Wright is focused on Scott Pilgrim right now, but I can't wait for him to get back to Ant-Man. Of all the upcoming Marvel movies, I think that Ant-Man has the best chance to do something new and exciting. For my money, there isn't a better director in Hollywood to handle the material, and when you factor in the rumor that Nathan Fillion is "locked" for the role of Hank Pym, things just get better. (Of course, Fillion is still just a rumor.)

The thing I like the best about Wright's movies is that they're funny, but it's not cheap humor. The comedy comes from smart writing, likable characters, and legitimately clever sight gags. Comparing Ant-Man's humor to Iron Man is a good sign and reflects an awareness on Wright's part of Ant-Man's place within the greater Marvel film universe.

A couple of months ago, we speculated that Ant-Man could go into pre-production early next year with a likely release date after The Avengers. This meshes with the theory that Ant-Man will make his first appearance alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor in The Avengers. It would also explain why Avengers director Joss Whedon and Edgar Wright met up in L.A. in April.

What do you think of Edgar Wright's comments? Does his approach to the script sound like something you want to see in your Ant-Man movie?

Source: Box Office Magazine via JoBlo

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