Ant-Man Is A Secret Agent Not In 'The Avengers'

In two separate interviews, director/writer Edgar Wright explains why Ant-Man will not be a part of The Avengers and why his origin story will be a 'high-tech spy heist film' about a 'bad-ass secret agent.'

One of the many Marvel Studios projects in development - one that's seemingly been delayed over and over again - is that of Edgar Wright's adaptation of Ant-Man. Perhaps a questionable property to be made into a big budget solo film, Ant-Man has the potential to offer a unique super hero story, while having the chance to increase his popularity and bankability through through a stint The Avengers movie.

We know Ant-Man is coming after The Avengers so many thought, like us, that the character could be introduced in the epic team-up flick as a way to make mainstream audiences more aware of the shrinkable hero. That however, is not the case and Ant-Man will be its own separate origin story, separate from The Avengers.

Cinema Blend had a chance to speak with the British comedy master, Edgar Wright, a few weeks back and touched on whether or not Ant-Man would have a part in The Avengers since he was not mentioned or included on stage for the Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel.

"I talked to Kevin Feige about that a while back where we just discussed about whether he would be in The Avengers. The thing is, the script that I’ve written, you know, whether it’s next or not I don’t know, the chronology of it or the way it works wouldn’t really fit in with what they do. And my film is very much an introduction to that character, and so it wasn’t something where it felt right to introduce him in that film. Maybe if I do the solo Ant-Man film and maybe there’s a later Avengers then they could draft him in later. But it didn’t work with the kind of the angle that we were going to do with the origin that I’d written."

From Wright's words, he doesn't know whether or not Ant-Man could be his next project, so we could be stuck waiting until 2013 for Ant-Man if Marvel sticks with him and his script (which they should). Since it's been in development for years and never made its way into theaters before The Avengers, Ant-Man likely won't be included and if that's the case, it puts an end to the rumors of Wasp and Ant-Man being a part of The Avengers initial roster. There's still a chance that Wasp could be included but we'll have to wait and see.

There are certainly enough characters for director Joss Whedon to work with so they don't need to include Ant-Man right off the bat, even if he was a part of the original rosters in The Avengers and Ultimates comic books.

The Avengers cast at Comic-Con 2010

With Ant-Man being introduced entirely on his own, what type of movie will that offer and what balance of comedy will it include? Vanity Fair put up an interview a few days ago with Edgar Wright to discuss Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, among other things, and they also took advantage of the opportunity to ask about his Marvel movie. The first (and very fair) question; Is it actually going to happen?

"I hope so, yeah. I’ve written a script, and once Scott Pilgrim is done I’m going to work on a second draft. It’s something I’ve been passionate about for awhile."

Wright's a busy man and he's been known to plan his projects years in advance as we just saw with Scott Pilgrim. But how long is Marvel going to wait for this movie? And with Pilgrim failing at the box office in its opening weekend, despite fanboy buzz and positive reviews, does Wright want to keep pushing it aside to work on other projects?

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