'Taken' Director Attached to Alien Invasion Film 'Earth Defense Force'

Taken Director Pierre Morel is Attached to Direct Earth Defense Force

Have you ever noticed how certain types of movies tend to come out at the same time (such as Dante's Peak and Volcano or Armageddon and Deep Impact)? This isn't a fluke. Hollywood filmmaking is about making money first and foremost, which is why studios release similar films to try and anticipate popular trends.

Currently, the trend that seems to be sweeping Hollywood is alien invasion. Not including Skyline, which is in theaters now, or the canceled Roland Emmerich film The Zone, next year will see multiple alien invasion movies, including Cowboys & Aliens, Battle: Los Angeles, and Battleship. Now, we can add one more alien invasion film to that list: Earth Defense Force, or EDF.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Pierre Morel (Taken) is attached to direct the movie, which, as the name implies, focuses on an effort to protect Earth from an invading force of alien attackers. The film is being produced by Sam Raimi and Bill Block and will be distributed by Warner Bros.

THR writes that Morel turned his attention to EDF after Universal passed on his pitch for Ouija. Check below for a brief (and we mean brief) description of the project.

"EDF is set after three alien fighters attack the planet, leaving countries humiliated. The governments of Earth then race to create a space fighting force in preparation for a second attack by an approaching alien horde."

There's nothing wrong with a good sci-fi movie, and Pierre Morel is a more than competent director, so on the surface this should be good news. However, something just doesn't sit right with the fact that this is yet another alien invasion movie. There's also the fact that EDF's plot sounds a lot like Year 12 and/or Falling Skies, two upcoming projects (a movie and TV show, respectively) set in the aftermath of an alien invasion.

Will audiences eventually tire of seeing aliens destroy the world's major cities? Maybe, maybe not. In either case, this news doesn't inspire much confidence that Hollywood will be abandoning this trend anytime soon.

Perhaps I'm being cynical, though. No matter how many times I've seen it, I still enjoy Independence Day when it's on, and that may be the most formulaic of all modern invasion movies. What do you think of a Pierre Morel-directed alien invasion film?

Source: THR

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