Eddie Murphy's Coming To America Sequel Sets 2020 Release Date

Eddie Murphy in Coming to America

The hit romantic comedy Coming to America, starring Eddie Murphy, has an untitled sequel coming in 2020. Released in 1988, the original film has been hailed as one of Murphy’s greatest works, receiving critical acclaim and box office success - grossing over 200 million dollars during its run.

The film follows wealthy prince Akeem Joffer (Murphy) , who upon turning 21 is set on the road to matrimony in an arranged marriage. In search of a chance at true love the prince flees the fictional land of Zamunda for New York City, with his best friend and aide Semmi (Arsenio Hall) in tow. Directed by John Landis, the film also stars James Earl Jones (Star Wars) and Madge Sinclair as Murphy’s royal parents and Shari Headley (Switched At Birth) as his love interest. Fun cameos are provided by Samuel L. Jackson (Glass) and Cuba Gooding Jr, while Murphy and Hall show their variety of talents by also playing multiple roles in the film. After the success of Coming to America, one man in multiple roles would become a Murphy staple, shown in his later works like The Nutty Professor, The Klumps, and Norbit.

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Murphy is about to show his talents as Akeem Joffer (and undoubtedly as several other characters) once more as the sequel - which has been in the works for years - finally has an official release date. According to Variety, Paramount Pictures has decided that the untitled sequel will hit theaters on August 7, 2020. Coming to America 2 is the second film currently set for that release date, along with a Warner Bros. event film yet to be named.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Coming to America

Murphy is not only starring but set to produce the film, and Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow) has been brought on-board to direct. Brewer and Murphy previously worked together on a Netflix film called Dolemite Is My Name. Kenya Barris, known for his work on Black-ish, has penned the screenplay. The plot has been rumored to follow Akeem as he once again returns to America, but instead of it being a journey in pursuit of love it's a journey to meet his long-lost son. The rest of the cast has yet to be announced, but now that the release date is official more information should quickly follow.

Coming to America was a breakthrough in Murphy’s career, and showcased his talents along with showing audiences that an outrageous comedy can have a sweet and thoughtful underside. Undoubtedly the film may try to target a younger audience, since the sequel is being released three decades after the original. The casting choice for Murphy’s son will be one that may help with getting people under the age of 30 to want to take in a screening. For those already familiar with the comedic brilliance of the original film, and who constantly dust off the DVD for two hours of classic 1980s fun, it's a second chance to follow Prince Akeem into a new phase of his life.

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Source: Variety 

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