Ed Norton in Negotiations to Play Villain in 'Bourne Legacy'

Edward Norton to play a villain in The Bourne Legacy

It's official: Hawkeye is taking on the Hulk -sort of.

It looks like Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye in the upcoming Avengers film) and Ed Norton (formerly The Incredible Hulk) will be squaring off soon in Tony Gilroy's upcoming film, The Bourne Legacy. According to reports, Norton is currently in negotiations to join The Bourne Legacy as a villain.

It's unclear what villainous role Norton will play in the latest addition to the Bourne movie franchise, but the previous films give us some clues. We know that Jeremy Renner is playing Martin, an agent similar to Matt Damon's Jason Bourne, who is on the run from the government. Therefore, if he's the hero, it's likely that Norton will play a government agent or corrupt official chasing Martin - or perhaps a fellow operative sent to track him down (a la Clive Owen in The Bourne Identity).

This news, which comes via The Hollywood Reporter, should come as a pleasant surprise to the many fans of the Bourne franchise, as well as the critics who thought that taking the series in a new direction without Damon and director Paul Greengrass was a bad idea. While Norton has been criticized over the years for being somewhat difficult on set, there's no denying the actor is extremely talented. Pairing him opposite another Academy Award nominee (Jeremy Renner) should definitely create some intense scenes and help Bourne Legacy distinguish itself from the other (all excellent) Bourne films.

Though it's still in the early stages, The Bourne Legacy is shaping up to be a pretty exciting film. With Renner in the lead, Norton signing on as a bad guy, and the lovely and talented Rachel Weisz cast as the obligatory love interest, the film is certainly not hurting for talent. Likewise, while he may not have the action chops of Greengrass, Tony Gilroy has written all of the previous Bourne films and was nominated for an Academy Award for the excellent 2007 film Michael Clayton.

What do you think of Ed Norton joining The Bourne Identity? Even though it's not an epic Marvel throwdown, do you think Norton vs. Renner will make for a compelling new addition to the Bourne franchise?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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