Ed McMahon Dies at 86

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Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson's legendary sidekick on The Tonight Show for thirty years, passed away early this morning at the age of 86.

According to publicist Howard Bragman, McMahon's last moments were spent in bed at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center surrounded by his family and loving wife, Pam. McMahon had been in poor health for some years, battling everything from bone cancer to a broken neck - an injury he received in March of 2007.

McMahon and Johnny Carson first worked together on the game show "Who Do You Trust?"; when Carson inherited The Tonight Show from Jack Paar in 1962, he brought McMahon along and the two went on to tuck America into bed laughing every week night from 1962 until Carson retired in 1992.

After The Tonight Show McMahon went on to pursue other interests and even popped up in the limelight now and again for some TV and film roles - but it is undoubtedly his work with Carson which will be his legacy, inspiring new generations of comedic duos who have built their careers according to the Carson/McMahon blueprint.

Screen Rant would like to take a moment to remember Ed McMahon and to send our condolences out to his friends and family.

Source: NBC News

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