Echogear Monitor Mounts Review: For The Ultimate Streaming Setup

We test the affordable and durable single and dual-monitor mounts from Echogear to help upgrade our gaming and streaming desktop setup.

If you're on a computer all day, for work, gaming, or both, chances are you have multiple monitors and perhaps limited desk space as a result. This is where Echogear comes into play.

As someone who works primarily out of a home office, who streams and games regularly from that same desk, this is an issue for me since I have three monitors shared across two PCs. Echogear doubled my desk space with the help of just two products and it gave me more options for positioning my monitors and adjusting them on the fly.

Echogear is known for their TV wall mounts and most recently jumped into the world of gaming to service the most dedicated of home office and home studio setups. So, for that customizable office desk, gaming station, or streaming setup Echogear has several options for mounting single and multi-monitor setups. We tested both in conjunction.

Echogear's gaming monitor mounts support single, double, and triple monitor setups and come with fixed or adjustable height options (the triple monitor mount is fixed, however). The units attach simply to the back of your desk setup although there is a single-monitor mount for attaching directly to the wall, similar to Echogear's TV mount products.

For the purposes of this review we tested the Single Monitor Desk Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment (currently $69.99) and the Dual Monitor Desk Mount With Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment (currently $149.99).

  • Both support monitors sized 10"-30"
  • Both fit desk thicknesses between 0.5"-2.4"
  • Single monitor has a +-15º tilt range.
  • Install in less than 30 minutes (took us less than 10 for the single monitor, and most of that was finding a screwdriver)
  • Premium gas spring arm raises 13.25" and extends 20" for the single monitor mount, 13.50" for the dual (without the extension)
  • Customize arm tension to eliminate wobble and droop.
  • Change the tilt & swivel of the single monitor with just your hands, no tools needed. Rotate the screen from vertical to horizontal orientation in a flash.

The units are easy to setup, sturdy, and adjustable and most of all, totally affordable. These are heavy, and the resistance of the adjustable arms can be incredibly strong out of the box. You'll need to undo the tension substantially to bend the arms to fit your setup and desk, and then re-tighten. Once you do that, the Echogear mounts not only work well, but look well and save so much desk space. With dynamic height options, users can get creative should they use many monitors in how they can stack or position a series of displays.

We found it especially idea for this reason, using one monitor in a vertical position higher than the others, and with the extra desk space, we were able to fit in a round board, dual mic setup, and still have space for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the desktop.

The full line of Echogear's monitor mounts can be viewed here and are available through Amazon. Echogear also makes an assortment of standard and full motion desk and wall mounts for television sets of all sizes.

About Echogear

Echogear is using what they learned building acclaimed TV wall mounts to enter the wide world of gaming, on a mission to satisfy the complex needs of tech, gaming and A/V enthusiasts – by way of exceptional product and purchase experience. Listed on Amazon with over 12,000 reviews and an average star rating of 4.7, their rigorously tested products are engineered to perform under pressure wherever needed: On the e-gaming playing field, in the office or at home.

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