David Cronenberg Talks Cancelled 'Fly' & 'Eastern Promises' Sequels

David Cronenberg explains why follow-ups to 'The Fly' and 'Eastern Promises' won't be happening after all.


David Cronenberg's most recent film starred Twilight's Robert Pattinson, but despite the presence of the actor also known as Edward Cullen, Cosmopolis failed to find an audience. The director has a reputation for writing and directing cult-classics like Scanners and Videodrome, but recently, he had been planning to revisit two of his biggest successes: the 1986 remake of The Fly and 2007 crime thriller Eastern Promises.

Within the last few years, word had spread that Cronenberg was looking to remake/reboot the Fly franchise – which swiftly ended after the 1989 sequel – though the project's details were hard to come by. Around the same time, the director continued to talk up a sequel to Eastern Promises. However, both films were eventually cancelled.

Now, in an interview with The Playlist, Cronenberg has revealed a little bit more about how he would have approached his new version of The Fly and why it failed to take off.

"It wasn't really a remake, it was more of a sequel or a sidebar. It was a meditation on fly-ness. None of the same characters or anything and, of course, with an understanding of modern technology. It was something I was very pleased with and it was a disappointment not to get it made. It was a budget problem, basically."

Viggo Mortensen in 'Eastern Promises'

Financial obstacles also interfered with Eastern Promises 2, Cronenberg said:

"Focus Features couldn't agree on a budget, basically. I thought it was a very ambitious script and I wanted to do it properly and they really felt the financial restraints of the world in general. It was a really budget disagreement. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not involved anymore."

The traditionally anti-sequel Cronenberg also shared how he would have approached the sequel and what drew him to continue the story.

"[Eastern Promises 2] was something I really wanted to explore because it was the first time I had ever been tempted to do a sequel because I felt I wasn’t finished with the character of Nikolai, played by Viggo Mortensen, and Kirill played by Vincent Cassel. I really wanted to see Nikolai go back to Russia, because one of the things I wanted in the first movie was that you see a bunch of Russians in London but you never see them in Russia… In the sequel, we would see Nikolai go to Russia and there would be Russian elements and so on and so on. And [original screenwriter] Steve Knight wrote a lovely script."

Unfortunately, it now seems that fans will have to accept the fact that (for now, at least) both Cronenberg films are highly unlikely to see the light of day.

Are you disappointed that Cronenberg won't get to revisit the worlds of The Fly and Eastern Promises? Or are both films better off left alone? Sound off in the comments.

Source: The Playlist

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