Eagle Eye Blu-ray Review

I don't have a standard format or a catchy heading for Blu-ray/DVD reviews so I'll just get right into a short review of Eagle Eye on Blu-ray (or BD as the studios call it, though I don't think that'll catch on). Overall Eagle Eye was an entertaining popcorn action flick which stated out strong but became progressively more ridiculous as it went on.

Sometimes a second viewing leaves me with a bit of a different opinion of a film and in this case I was able to watch it in HD in the comfort of my own home. Did that change my opinion of it? Not really very much (see my original theatrical review here) but I will reiterate that it makes for a fun hour and a half which was enhanced by the awesome Hi-Def picture and killer surround sound. This was one of the first films I watched on my Blu-Ray player and the picture was incredible. A friend of mine commented that Blu-ray looks "more real than reality" and that's a pretty good description.

While some Blu-ray films are the equivalent of the earliest DVD transfers back in the day and don't look much better than DVD, that is not the case here. The picture is impressive and there is plenty of eye-candy here to take advantage of the format.

Here are the special features, of which there are a ton:

  • Deleted scenes, including a ludicrous alternate ending that will make you laugh your head off. Thank goodness they didn't use it.
  • Asymmetrical Warfare: The making of Eagle Eye: Interviews with Caruso, LaBeouf and others as they speak about the making of the film.
  • Eagle Eye on Location: Washington, D.C.: A look at the main shooting location of Washington D.C. and why that location was chosen.
  • Is My Cell Phone Spying on Me?: This feature discusses what we give up in regards to privacy in order to use the latest technology and the implications.
  • Shall We Play A Game?: Director Caruso sits down with his mentor John Badham, the director of War Games.
  • Gag Reel: Standard gag reel footage.
  • Road Trip: On Location with the Cast and Crew: This feature has comments by the cast and crew as they travel to different locations.
  • Photo Gallery: A collection of images from the film.
  • Theatrical Trailer: Self-explanatory.

What's missing? Any sort of director's commentary to listen to while the movie is playing, which is kind of odd considering the plethora of other features on this disc.

Despite the silliness that infects the film as it goes on, I'd have to say this actually has somewhat of a "repeat view" factor - something you might want to pull out once in a great while when you're in the mood for a popcorn flick that looks and sounds great on your home theater.

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