EA Is Hiring For Unique Star Wars Multiplayer Game

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Electronic Arts (via Game Rant) is working on an unannounced Star Wars game in its EA Vancouver studio, and it will have a multiplayer focus. A job listing for a Senior Online Designer position is currently open, and the company is looking for someone that can "execute on the vision for a unique online experience." They'll also be tasked with designing and tuning online game modes, social features, and managing the game's live service.

Since 2013, Electronic Arts has had the exclusive license to make Star Wars video games on consoles. The company already had a relationship with the brand, as they published the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2011. Since acquiring the license, they've released several expansion packs for the MMO, and two titles in the Star Wars Battlefront series of multiplayer shooters. They currently have two untitled games in development, one by Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment and the other by EA Vancouver, which is a continuation of what Visceral Games was working on before they were closed.

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There are other details about the currently unannounced Star Wars game that can be surmised from the job listing. It will also have a single-player narrative that will have "connected features" with the multiplayer. It's the job of the Senior Online Designer to work with both the game's Creative Director, Lead Writer and Game Director to make these all mesh into a cohesive experience. Additionally, they'll be looking to track trends and player-desired features in order to make sure the game has the multiplayer features that fans are looking for.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA X Wing Tie Fighter Space Battle

Back in October of 2017, Electronic Arts announced the closure of developer Visceral Games and said that they were retooling the Star Wars game that they were working on. It went from being an "story-based, linear adventure game" to a "broader experience that allows for more variety and player agency." It appears this title, and its multiplayer focus, is what that project was morphed into.

Many gamers were worried when EA announced that they were moving away from making a story-based game, but it's good to hear that the single-player won't be a complete afterthought in EA Vancouver's Star Wars title. The fact that the Senior Online Designer will be working alongside the Lead Writer and Game Director to make sure that the story and multiplayer gel should help ease some of that concern.

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Source: Electronic Arts (via Game Rant)

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