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The Sims 4 EA Play 2019

EA Play gave fans of The Sims 4 a lot to mull over as part of this year's E3 presentation where the latest expansion, Island Living, was announced, with a release date of July 16. On top of the release of the expansion itself, EA also touched on its new initiative with the It Gets Better Project as part of Pride Month.

The Sims 4 has had a number of expansions since release, but this is going to be the first one that ostensibly includes a career geared towards being mindful of the environment.

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The Sims 4: Island Living, Careers & More

The official reveal trailer for The Sims 4 Island Living shows off plenty of mischief for your Sims to get up to in the new location of Sulani. There's clearly a lot to get up to on this island, not limited to chilling with mermaids, Aqua Zips, and pursuing both love and careers in the idyllic setting.

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In Island Living, players will be able to do more than just affect the future of Sulani. Those wanting a taste of the fantastical will also be pleased to know that the expansion introduces mermaids who will have their own powers. Those who instead fancy themselves historians will be able to undertake activities to learn about the local culture of Sulani, to cook special dishes inspired by the island, and of course, to put on their fanciest tropical threads and to get to work on the unique job opportunities available.

The two new careers being introduced with Island Living are conservationist and lifeguard. While the lifeguard job is pretty self-explanatory, the EA Play presentation noted that choosing to take up the mantle of conservationist would see players cleaning up the environment and directly affecting the landscape of Sulani. This could mean anything from cooler flora and fauna to check out, or potential implications for the active volcano that's prominently on site.

The Sims 4: EA Play and Pride Month

The Sims 4 Pride Month EA Play

Not content with just detailing the upcoming The Sims 4 Island Living expansion, this year's EA Play presentation also touched on June being Pride Month. The company announced a The Sims 4 tie-in with the It Gets Better Project, which is aimed at LGBTQIA young people. What does this mean for players? If you're a console player, then you'll be able to receive these items after Pride Month has concluded in July. Otherwise, you can expect to unlock some cool new clothing items this month across The Sims MobileThe Sims FreePlay, and The Sims 4 on PC (which will also include a gender-neutral bathroom door to add to your decor).

This year's The Sims 4 EA Play announcement has given fans of the series a lot to look forward to on top of the expansion itself and all the cool ways in which it's going to add to The Sims universe. The two new jobs and the mystery of Sulani will definitely be more than enough to keep us occupied. If you've missed out on any other EA Play presentations like FIFA or Battlefield V, check out our E3 hub to stay on top of everything that we're covering this week!

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