It Looks Like EA Games Like Dragon Age 2 Are Coming Back to Steam

EA Games Returning Steam Dragon Age 2

EA games like the criminally underrated Dragon Age 2 could be making a return to Steam in the near future, according to newly discovered evidence. EA has its own online launcher and subscription service in Origin, which has a strong library of publisher titles but has recently had to endure bad publicity thanks to being intimately tied in to the cataclysmic failure of Anthem.

Evidence for the return of EA titles to the Steam digital distribution service, however, has been building for some time now. In March of this year, a report showed off the new redesign of what Steam's different pages could look like when Valve overhauls them in the future. Consumers at the time pointed out that the strangest thing about the potential design was that it highlighted Mirror's Edge Catalyst in the sample, a game that was firmly entrenched on the Origin store. Since then, indicators that EA would be making a return to Steam have been hard to find, but new evidence has emerged over the past week that hints heavily at the possibility of a comeback.

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A new report from PCGamesN collects the recent evidence to showcase just how likely it is we'll be seeing games like Dragon Age 2 on Steam soon. First, there's been a test app update for Origin integration that shows a renewed interest in an app that was pretty old, indicating there's something coming on that front. Second, the EA game The Saboteur has actually been played on Steam by at least one player within the last year, despite not being listed on Valve's platform. Finally, Dragon Age 2 received a new package just six days ago, a strange event for a game that released in 2011.

What this suggests is that EA is gearing up to return to the Steam platform, but with a caveat - Origin will probably remain the home of all the publisher's newer titles, while Steam will play host to many of the classics. That means games like Dragon Age 2 will be available on Steam once more, while newer titles will still entice people toward Origin. As PCGamesN correctly notes, however, Mirror's Edge Catalyst isn't actually that old, so the exact definition of what constitutes an older game - or if that will even be the way EA decides which games appear on Steam at all - remains predictably murky.

Still, it's an exciting development for many. A lot of EA's older titles would likely do better on Steam than Origin, which isn't nearly as popular as Valve's digital distribution service. Their return could even result in a boost in sales for titles that weren't doing much for revenue beforehand.

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Source: PCGamesN

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