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The E3 2019 press conference schedule is packed to the brim with studios, publishers, and tech manufacturers. One of the biggest players in the industry is skipping E3 and several companies will be hosting their first ever conference, which means that the race is on to steal as much limelight as possible.

Microsoft and Nintendo are the ones to watch out for at E3 2019, as they will want to upstage their missing opponent with a barrage of new announcements. The prominent third-party developers are also promising big things, with Square Enix top-loading their show with some huge announcements. There are also companies like AMD and UploadVR who are hosting their very first events, which means that they have everything to prove going forward.

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It can be a pain to keep track of all of the conferences being shown at E3, especially in regards to working out the various time zones for those not in the US. Screen Rant has all of the dates and links that video games fans need to see all of the biggest conferences at E3 2019.

EA Play - Saturday, June 8

EA Play 2019

Conference Time: Saturday, June 8 - 12:15 ET, 9:15 PT, 17:15 BST.

Available to watch on: Twitch & YouTube

EA is hosting its own EA Play event just before E3 begins and the company has already revealed some of the games that will be shows. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is going to open the event, which will be followed by Apex Legends, Battlefield V, FIFA 20, Madden NFL 20, and The Sims 4. EA is one of the few companies to have outlined all of the content in their show, but there is still room for a few surprises in there.

Microsoft & Xbox - Sunday, June 9

Mobile Xbox Live Service

Conference Time: Sunday, June 9 - 16:00 ET, 13:00 PT, 21:00 BST.

Available to watch on: Twitch, Mixer, YouTubeXbox Website

Microsoft has already confirmed that its upcoming conference will be the longest that it has ever had at E3 and that 14 Xbox Game Studios titles will be shown. Gears 5, Halo Infiniteand Halo: The Master Chief Collection are all confirmed to appear at the event, which leaves a lot of open spots. The lack of a Sony presence also means that third-party developers might be gravitating to the Microsoft conference in order to show off their multi-platform games.

Bethesda Softworks - Sunday, June 9

Bethesda May Announce New Galactic RPG

Conference Time: Sunday, June 9 - 20:30 ET, 17:30 PT. Monday, June 10 - 01:30 BST

Available to watch on: Twitch & YouTube

Bethesda Softworks has had a rough year and people might be expecting the company to open their E3 2019 event with an apology following the reaction to the numerous issues with Fallout 76. The gaming audience can be forgiving in the face of new announcements and an awesome looking trailer for Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI might win back the crowd. As of the time of writing, the only game confirmed to be appearing at Bethesda's E3 conference is Doom Eternal.

Devolver Digital - Sunday, June 9

Devolver Digital

Conference Time: Sunday, June 9 - 22:00 ET, 19:00 PT. Monday, June 10 - 03:00 BST

Available to watch on: Twitch

Devolver Digital has been hosting satirical conferences at E3 that make fun of things like cryptocurrency, early access, loot boxes, microtransactions, and retro consoles. The Devolver shows exist in order to parody the harmful trends of the video game industry, rather than for revealing new games and there is no reason to think their 2019 show will be any different.

Upload VR - Monday, June 10

Upload VR Logo

Conference Time: Monday, June 10 - 12:00 ET, 09:00 PT, 17:00 BST.

Available to watch on: TwitchYouTube

UploadVR is a company that specializes in virtual reality events and games. The company will be hosting its very first E3 event in 2019 and it will feature reveals and trailers for virtual reality games. The intention of the UploadVR conference is to give E3 a dedicated space for VR announcements, but time will tell if the company is able to pull it off.

PC Gaming Show - Monday, June 10

Conference Time:  Monday, June 10 - 13:00 ET, 10:00 PT, 18:00 BST.

Available to watch on: Twitch & YouTube

PC Gamer magazine is hosting another E3 conference that is dedicated solely to PC games.  The PC Gaming Show has a jacked lineup of developers and publishers, with the likes of Digital Extremes, Epic Games and Paradox Interactive confirmed to be at the event. The confirmed list of developers to be appearing at the show also include Annapurna Interactive, Chucklefish, Digital Uppercut, E-WIN, Fatshark, Fellow Traveller, Frontier Developments, Funcom, Modus Games, Perfect World Entertainment, Raw Fury, Rebellion, Re-Logic, and Tripwire Interactive.

Limited Run Games - Monday, June 10

Limited Run Games Logo

Conference Time: Monday, June 10 - 15:00 ET, 12:00 PT, 20:00 BST.

Available to watch on: Twitch

Limited Run Games is a video game distributor that is known for releasing short print runs of their titles. The company has promised several new game announcements for the event and the few remaining PlayStation Vita fans out there should take heart, as Limited Run Games has promised to reveal its remaining slate of games for the doomed handheld that never got the love it deserved.

Ubisoft - Monday, June 10

Conference Time: Monday, June 10 - 16:00 ET, 13:00 PT, 21:00 BST.

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Ubisoft Website

Ubisoft always has a strong lineup for E3. The company has already revealed that Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Steep, Trials, For Honor, Ghost Recon Breakpointand The Division 2 will be featured during both the pre-show and the main event. It has also been revealed that Ubisoft intends to release four AAA games in the upcoming fiscal year, which ends in March 2020. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is one of those four games, which leaves three spots. It seems likely that a new Splinter Cell game and Watch Dogs 3 will take up two of those spots, which leaves one more mystery game to be revealed.

AMD - Monday, June 10

AMD Logo

Conference Time: Monday, June 10 - 18:00 ET, 15:00 PT, 23:00 BST.

Available to watch on: YouTube & Official Website

AMD is a company that is known for creating hardware instead of software, yet they are holding their first ever E3 conference in 2019. The AMD show is going to focus on upcoming hardware that is going to form the backbone of the next generation of gaming systems, instead of showing any game announcements.

Square Enix - Monday, June 10

Square Enix New IP Coming

Conference Time: Monday, June 10 - 21:00 ET, 18:00 PT.

Available to watch on: Official Website, Twitch, and Facebook

Square Enix already has one of the most talked about conferences at E3 2019, as the company has revealed that the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake will be appearing at the event. Square has also revealed that Marvel's Avengers will be shown at their conference, which is a huge deal as almost nothing has been revealed about the game since 2017. The fact that Square has already announced two huge games for their conference can only make people wonder what surprises they still have in store.

Nintendo - Tuesday, June 11

Nintendo Switch Logo

Conference Time: Tuesday, June 11 - 12:00 ET, 09:00 PT, 17:00 BST.

Available to watch on: Twitch & Official Website

The last big event of E3 2019 will be a Nintendo Direct. Nintendo's 2019 lineup seems to be fleshed out, but the fans still don't know the details about many of the upcoming games. There are rumors that the new Animal Crossing will be one of Nintendo's featured games and a reveal of a new DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to be a safe bet. Nintendo will likely announce a lot of new games, as they made the mistake of focusing on one game (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) in 2018 and it caused the company's stock value to drop.

Notable By Their Absence - Sony

For those who are still unaware - Sony will not be hosting a conference at E3 and there won't be any official PlayStation presence at the event. There will be some third-party games shown that are confirmed to be released on the PlayStation 4, such as the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but Sony itself will be absent from E3 2019.

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