E3 2019 Preview: What Game Announcements To Expect

E3 2019 Game Announcements Cover

E3 2019 is around the corner, and there are plenty of game announcements to look forward to - but which games should people expect to see? Sony might be sitting at home, but other developers have stepped up and are promising bigger and better shows than ever.

There are some companies that have already revealed their E3 lineup, such as EA, while others have said practically nothing about their schedule, like Nintendo. It's impossible for the gaming world too have any kind of event without leaks happening from all corners of the Internet, so some of the big announcements have already been spoiled online, or at least they will have been when they are confirmed to be legit when the show takes place.

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The upcoming E3 show has a jacked roster that is filled with some of the most highly-anticipated video games of all time. Screen Rant is here to provide you with the information concerning the games that will definitely be appearing at the event, as well as sharing the rumors and speculation about other titles that could be revealed.

EA Play

The first big conference at E3 will be held before the event in the form of EA Play, which will have several consecutive livestreams.

  • EA Play will open with a stream about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderwhich is an upcoming action-adventure game that tells the story of Cal Kestis - a Padawan who managed to escape Order 66 and must now survive in a galaxy that has turned hostile to the Jedi Order.
  • The second livestream will focus on Apex Legends and the content associated with its Season 2 Battle Pass. Apex Legends has seen a huge drop in its player base, which means that the developers will need to win the audience back with an impressive range of new content for the game.
  • EA will also be showing off some of their upcoming sports games on its streams, with FIFA 20 and Madden NFL 20 both being part of EA Play. Not every game shown during EA Play will be an upcoming title, as Battlefield V (released in 2018) and The Sims 4 (released in 2014) will both feature streams that will discuss new DLC content for the games.


Microsoft recently revealed that 14 Xbox Game Studio titles will be shown at E3 2019, but as of right now there are only three games confirmed to be at the event.

  • Gears 5 is the upcoming sequel to Gears of War 4 and will focus on Kait Diaz, with the members of the Fenix family taking a backseat to her journey to discover the origins of the Locust.
  • Halo Infinite is next game in the Halo series. It will focus on Master Chief and has been referred to as a spiritual reboot of the series.
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection is also being shown at E3, which will likely involve an announcement for the PC version of the game.
  • One game that is rumored to be appearing at Microsoft's conference is Fable 4, which would be the first new game in the series since 2010.
  • Minecraft Earth is an upcoming ARG mobile game that will bring Minecraft into the real world, which is a strong candidate for appearing during Microsoft's E3 conference.
  • There are games that have been announced by Microsoft at previous events that could also make an appearance, such as Battletoads, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Gears Pop!, and Gears Tactics.
  • CD Projekt Red is hosting a conference during the E3 Coliseum portion of the event but it had previously shown footage of the highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 during the 2018 Xbox E3 pre-show. Cyberpunk 2077 is the company's next big game and is promising to be a huge open-world RPG adventure in a grim science fiction setting.
  • Great Rune is the name of a rumored collaboration between Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware, which is said to be a dark fantasy game that is inspired by Norse mythology. There are rumors that the game is going to be announced during the Microsoft conference.

There are also the newly acquired studios that were purchased by Microsoft in 2018 to consider, which means that The Outer Worlds and Wasteland 3 are strong candidates to appear during the Microsoft conference as well. The Outer Worlds is a massive RPG set in a science fiction universe where the main character must explore a colony at the edge of the galaxy. Wasteland 3 is the next game in the Wasteland series, which combines a similar setting to the Fallout series with fast-paced tactical RPG battles.

Bethesda Softworks

Doom Eternal Stadia Screenshot

The only game confirmed to be appearing at Bethesda's E3 conference is Doom Eternalwhich will be the fifth game in the Doom series and is promising to double the number of demon types that the player can slaughter.

There are two upcoming Wolfenstein games that are likely to appear at E3. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an upcoming first-person shooter that is set in an alternate universe where World War II is still going on during the '80s and the daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz have to journey to Nazi-occupied Paris in order to save their father. Then there's Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, an upcoming VR game and is set around the same time as Wolfenstein: Youngblood and follows a member of the French Resistance.

Todd Howard has confirmed that neither Starfield nor The Elder Scrolls VI will be appearing at E3 2019, but Bethesda is in dire need of some good publicity following a year of Fallout 76 fallout, so it's possible that these two highly-anticipated RPGs will appear during the conference in some form.

PC Gaming Show


PC Gamer magazine has been hosting an event at E3 for the past few years that focuses on PC games, and they're not planning on skipping 2019 as they've already dated their event.

  • The biggest developer to appear during this event is Epic Games, which means that any new Fortnite announcements would likely be made here.
  • Paradox Interactive is also one of the developers slated for the PC Gaming Show, which means that more footage of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 will likely be shown. New information about the game has slowly leaked out recently in the form of clan reveals, but there hasn't been much gameplay footage shown... yet.
  • Annapurna Interactive will be part of the PC Gaming Show, so it's possible that Telling Lies will appear. Telling Lies is an upcoming FMV game where the player has to watch one side of a video call conversations from four different characters in order to work out why they were placed under surveillance.
  • Planet Zoo is an upcoming spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon that is being developed by Frontier Developments and is due to appear at E3. Frontier Developments is confirmed to be one of the developers appearing during the PC Gaming Show.
  • Rebellion Developments is due to appear during the PC Gaming Show, which means that the long-awaited Evil Genius 2 might make an appearance. Evil Genius 2 is a strategy game where the player takes on the role of a Bond-style villain and has to balance taking over the world with dealing with pesky secret agents.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Key Art

Square Enix's E3 conference is one of the most highly anticipated of the show. Sony's recent State of Play event showed new footage from the Final Fantasy VII Remakewhich concluded with a message saying that more information is coming in June.

  • The Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement at E3 2015 is considered by many to be one of the best moments in the history of the conference, yet almost no new information has been revealed about the game since. If Square Enix is finally ready to show the game again, then it's possible that a release date might be forthcoming.
  • The other big title that has been announced for Square Enix's E3 press conference is Marvel's Avengers (formerly known as The Avengers Project), which is a game that is being made by the teams behind the Tomb Raider series and the recent Deux Ex titles.
  • One title that has been rumored to appear at Square Enix's conference is Collection of Mana, which is a name that was recently trademarked by the company. The name seems to refer to a localized version of the Seiken Densetsu Collection, which is a Japanese-exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch that contains the first three Mana games.


The Division 2

Ubisoft has confirmed that its E3 pre-show will contain updates for games that have already been released, including Steep, For Honor, Trials,  and Assassin's Creed Odyssey

  • The main Ubisoft conference is confirmed to feature updates about The Division 2 and to have more information about the upcoming Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The post-show will include a celebrity deathmatch in Rainbow Six Siegewhich suggests that more information about that game will also be coming.
  • There are also rumors that a new Splinter Cell game is in development, as well as hints for Watch Dogs 3Ubisoft has confirmed that there are no new Assassin's Creed games due to be released in 2019, but they could still promote a 2020 title at E3.


Nintendo will be holding the last press conference at E3 2019 with a Nintendo Direct. It's been somewhat customary for the annual expo to have Nintendo deliver a presentation the morning of day one.

  • Nintendo is also hosting tournaments for Splatoon 2, Super Mario Maker 2and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate throughout the event.
  • The Nintendo Direct is supposed to be focusing on Nintendo Switch games that are due to be released in 2019. There are rumors that the focus of the Direct will be on Animal Crossingwhich is one of the Nintendo Switch's biggest games of the year, yet almost no information has been revealed about it so far.
  • There are two games in The Legend of Zelda series due in 2019 - Cadence of Hyrule and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which will both almost certainly make an appearance.
  • The second DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will likely also be revealed at E3, with different leaks claiming that it will be a representative from the Dragon Quest series.
  • Pokémon Sword & Shield will have a separate Direct that is focused on them a week before E3, but the games will still likely appear at the event.
  • Bayonetta 3 was mentioned in passing during the February 2019 Direct, which suggests that the game could appear at E3, as almost no new information has been revealed since its announcement.
  • There are several new games that are due to be released over the next coming months, such as Astral Chain, Luigi's Mansion 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and Super Mario Maker 2, that are all likely to appear at E3.

E3 Coliseum

Borderlands 3 Calypso Twins Stream Culture

Not every game at E3 will be featured during press events, as other developers will be hosting events and streams following the Nintendo Direct. It's possible that these games might also appear during other conferences, but they also have special streams that will take place from Tuesday, June 11 to Thursday, June 13.

  • Borderlands 3 is confirmed to be making an appearance at E3. The loot & shoot game will be taking the series to the stars, as the player will be able to leave Pandora and explore new parts of the galaxy in order to massacre the inhabitants and steal their gear.
  • Techland will be showing Dying Light 2which is a survival horror game set in a city following a zombie apocalypse, where the player's choices will determine the fate of the environment around them.
  • Netflix will be hosting an event called "Bringing Your Favorite Shows To Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games", which will almost certainly feature an appearance from Stranger Things 3: The Game, especially as the show is due to return in July and the game is intended to be a tie-in.
  • There is going to be an event based around the upcoming Psychonauts 2 which will feature Jack Black. The game was funded on Fig back in 2016 and the game is finally due to be released this year. The original Psychonauts is a platform game that has accrued a huge cult following, which is why it had to wait until the advent of crowdfunding until a sequel could be made.
  • Darksiders event is scheduled to take place at E3, which is meant to end with a reveal for a "brand new Darksiders game that takes the franchise in a fresh direction", which means that Darksiders IV is a safe bet for an announcement at E3.
  • The last game to receive its own event will be Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, which is an upcoming third-person survival game that is set in prehistoric Africa.

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