The Biggest Winners And Losers Of E3 2018

E3 2018 Winners and Losers

The E3 2018 press conference season is over, and the dust is now beginning to settle. This year's expo was full to the brim with fantastic announcements, with plenty of publishers taking the opportunity to make big game reveals in quick succession. All in all, it's fair to say that the video game community has been pleased by the unveilings on show for 2018's expo.

That said, it wasn't perfect. Although many boxes were ticked, with expected (and unexpected) games getting a share of the limelight, there were still others that did not make an appearance. Even worse, there were some games that were showcased that either weren't given enough time or failed to excite audiences.

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With that in mind, there were some clear winners and losers of E3 2018. Here's our pick of the best and the worst that the expo offered up.

Winner: Xbox

The Xbox press conference was one of the earliest, but Microsoft came out swinging. The company packed as many reveals as possible into its Sunday morning slot, starting off with the much-wanted reveal of the next Halo game, Halo Infinite. Microsoft showed off dozens of game trailers including Cyberpunk 2077, and although not all of them were exclusives, the likes of Gears of War 5 were more than enough to get the hype train rolling.

Beyond simply the game reveals however, the Xbox conference was also host to some big industry news from Microsoft itself. The company was expanding its core studios, acquiring the likes of Ninja Theory and four other dev studios to truly expand its development side. The fruits of these acquisitions may not appear in the short term, but long term it makes Xbox a major prospect - something that the company was very clear to point out. Things could be bright for the next console generation.

Winner: Sony

The PlayStation press conference may not have been as full on as Microsoft, with considerably less by way of trailers, but nonetheless had its own particular style that impressed. Sony went for the theatrical this time around, and it worked well for the likes of The Last of Us 2 and Spider-Man, especially given that gamers got a much more comprehensive look at the games than certain other presentations.

Of course, that does the games shown something of a disservice. Death Stranding is still looking bizarre and brilliant in equal measure, while Ghost of Tsushima was hugely impressive to boot. Meanwhile, smaller reveals like Remedy's physics-bending Control and that much-wanted Resident Evil 2 remake gave fans what they craved.

Winner: Bethesda

Bethesda may have revealed one of its biggest games of the year just prior to E3 2018, but that didn't stop the publisher from impressing. Fallout 76 is taking the Fallout franchise in a vastly different direction with its multiplayer-focused gameplay, and having a substantial overview of the game definitely helped bring to life exactly what Bethesda is trying to achieve.

Beyond that, though, the game reveals were absolutely massive. The glimpse of Doom Eternal promised more carnage to come, and alongside Wolfenstein: Youngblood showed that the publisher is very much still in the first person shooter market. Do we even to mention the stylistic and beautifully crazy sandbox, Rage 2? However, the confirmation of both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI took the audience's breath away, and led some fans to immediately try and work out where The Elder Scrolls VI is set.

Winner: Ubisoft

Ubisoft faced something of a difficult prospect. After all, its planned big reveal, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, was unfortunately spoiled ahead of schedule, meaning that those watching the conference knew that the title would be appearing at some point in the presentation. Even so, the publisher put on a very impressive press conference this year.

In part this was down to the level of detail that each game was given, with many of the developers allowed to give plenty of context for their projects. This worked especially well for the likes of Beyond Good and Evil 2, which had perhaps the most spectacular surprise plot reveal of this year's E3. Meanwhile, even smaller games such as Transference left a serious impression. That's without even mentioning The Division 2, either.

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