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For gamers, it doesn't get more exciting than E3. It's the biggest gaming expo of the year, and the only time when all console makers and major publishers come together to show off their latest and greatest titles. It's where gameplay reveals for this holiday season's biggest games are shown, and where dream game announcements (like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III) are made.

Various game announcements will be spread out all weekend, as Electronic Arts will have the first press conference on Saturday, June 9. Microsoft and Bethesda will follow suit on Sunday, while Monday is packed with Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Sony fighting to grab the headlines. Finally, Nintendo will close out press conferences with their own Nintendo Direct video on Tuesday, June 12.

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Keeping track of all of the E3 2018 press conferences can be difficult. That's why Screen Rant has compiled a complete list of the seven different press conference along with a brief preview and what time they'll be airing on the company's respective Twitch and YouTube channels.

Electronic Arts - Saturday, June 9

Conference time: 11am PT (2pm ET, 7pm BST, 4am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube

While not technically part of E3, Electronic Arts will kickoff the busy weekend with their own EA Play fan event starting at 11am PT. The publishing giant has already confirmed that Battlefield V will be at the event in a playable capacity. Their slew of yearly sports titles will also be there alongside BioWare's Anthem, and viewers can expect to see some surprise game announcements as EA gets ready for the holiday season.

Microsoft Xbox - Sunday, June 10

Conference time: 1pm PT (4pm ET, 9pm BST, 6am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer

Starting at 1pm PT, Microsoft will look to have an impressive E3 showing. Despite releasing the Xbox One X, the American console maker is still lacking in exclusives and first-party titles. That's exactly why everyone's eyes will be on what Phil Spencer and his team has to offer. Big sequel announcements are a possibility here as gamers might see the future of Gears of War and Halo announced. It will also be one of the last times Crackdown 3 is shown at a press conference before it releases later this year.

Bethesda - Sunday, June 10

Bethesda May Announce New Galactic RPG

Conference time: 6:30pm PT (9:30pm ET, 2:30pm BST, 11:30am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube

While Bethesda had to unveil one of their surprises (RAGE 2) early, they're still set to have an interesting E3 press conference. Players can expect more information on the first-person shooter once the stream begins at 6:30pm PT, but that won't be all. Bethesda will likely announce a new game or two, as well as some Prey DLC that takes place on the moon has been heavily teased by the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls publisher. Who knows, gamers might even see a new role-playing game announced.

Square Enix - Monday, June 11

Conference time: 10am PT (1pm ET, 6pm BST, 3am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube

Monday's proceedings will begin at 10am PT with Square Enix. The Japanese publisher will offer updates on their upcoming titles, and there's some huge potential here. Both Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy VII Remake could receive new trailers or even gameplay footage, as well as the recently revealed Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Plus, a new Just Cause game is rumored to make an appearance, which would mark Avalanche Studios' second appearance at this year's E3 (they're also developing RAGE 2). This is a conference with show stealing potential, so fans of Japanese gaming will definitely want to tune in.

Ubisoft - Monday, June 11

Conference time: 1pm PT (4pm ET, 9pm BST, 6am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube

Ubisoft always has a solid showing at E3, and they'll look to continue that tradition with 2018's press conference at 1pm PT on Monday. Rumors indicate that a new Splinter Cell game could be announced during the show, which would certainly please the many fans waiting for the return of Sam Fisher. The French publisher has plenty of huge franchises and some intriguing new titles, like Skull & Bones, so fans will want to keep their eyes peeled for big announcements, such as the first reveal trailer for The Division 2.

PC Gaming Show LIVE - Monday, June 11

Conference time: 3pm PT (6pm ET,1pm BST, 8am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer

The PC Gaming show is hosted by Twitch's Day[9] and will feature exclusive announcements, a studio reveal, and more! Confirmed studios participating include

505 Games, Chance Agency, Cloud Imperium Games, Coffee Stain Studios, Crytek, Digital Extremes, Double Fine, Drake's Cakes, Frontier, Hi-Rez Studios, Klei Entertainment, Modern Storyteller, Oculus Rift, Raw Fury, Sega, SkyDance Media, Starbreeze, Square Enix Ltd., Stardock Entertainment, Team 17, tinyBuild, Tripwire Interactive.

Sony PlayStation - Monday, June 11

PlayStation logo

Conference time: 6pm PT (9pm ET, 2am BST, 11am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube

Sony's showcase will begin at 6pm PT on Monday night. The current market leader has already announced that the PlayStation 5 won't be making an appearance. Instead of new hardware, several key PlayStation 4 games will take center stage. Confirmed to be at the show are the following: Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding, Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, Insomniac Games' Spider-Man, and Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II. Other games will also be shown, and it wouldn't be a Sony showing without a few surprise announcements, so expect a lot of newsworthy proceedings.

Nintendo - Tuesday, June 12

Nintendo Switch Logo

Conference time: 9am PT (12pm ET, 5pm BST, 2am AEST)

Available to watch on: Twitch, YouTube

Nintendo has all of the momentum in the world thanks to the surprise success of the Nintendo Switch, and they'll attempt to capitalize it with their Nintendo Direct. The prerecorded stream will air at 9am PT on Tuesday and will blend announcements with behind-the-scenes footage and game trailers. A new Pokémon game (or two) is expected to be at the show, and Super Smash Bros. will be playable. Considering how great Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild were, it will be quite the sight to see Nintendo showing off the next era of Switch titles.


All seven E3 2018 press conferences look like they'll be worth watching for gamers. Each is poised to shake up the industry in different ways, and plenty of new games will be unveiled during this four day span of gaming goodness. Make sure to keep this page bookmarked in order to not miss out on all of the press conference start times!

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