The Biggest Games Missing From E3 2018

There were some shocking omissions from the E3 2018 presentations. Here's a breakdown of all of the big names that skipped the expo this year.

Games Missing From E3 2018

E3 2018 was full of fantastic game reveals. Titles such as Halo Infinite and Doom Eternal were met with excitement from the video game community, confirming long-suspected projects with tremendous success. Meanwhile, fans were also treated to a look at the multiplayer world of Fallout 76, just one example of some much-needed context given to a previously-announced release.

However, in spite of the huge number of games discussed during E3's numerous conferences, there were some major absences at the expo. Indeed, plenty of games that were expected to arrive never turned up, leading gamers to wonder exactly why their developers had decided to skip perhaps the biggest stage in video games.

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With so many games to choose from, there were bound to be a few to slip through the net. Here's Screen Rant's pick of the most high-profile games that were missing at E3 2018.

Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell

Ubisoft showed off a number of big name projects during its E3 2018 presentation. One of the highlights was undoubtedly the cinematic trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2, while a follow-up snippet of pre-alpha gameplay allayed fears that the title's development was once again stalling. Meanwhile, the trailers for the likes of Assassin's Creed Odyssey delivered titles that were a little bit closer to release.

There was, however, one game missing that many gamers had expected. Another game in the Splinter Cell franchise has been rumored for some time, and a potential reveal at E3 was the subject of much talk prior to the expo kicking off. Unfortunately, although many of those pre-E3 Ubisoft rumors turned out to be true, the Splinter Cell announcement was not one of them.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The lack of coverage for Red Dead Redemption 2 came as a major surprise to gamers. The title's release comes this October, and as such E3 would have been the perfect time to give a more detailed look at the title in action, as the one thing that's been seriously missing from its trailers so far has been an overview of how the game will work. As a matter of fact, this has caused some frustration for fans, so this could have been a chance to help alleviate concerns.

However, Red Dead Redemption 2 was a big no-show at E3 2018. Take-Two Interactive in general seemed to be taking a more laissez-faire approach to the expo, without any major reveals at all. That suggests some major confidence in the product, but the gaming community definitely could do with a bit more information.

Pokémon Switch

The coverage of Super Smash Bros. Infinite may have been a standout success for Nintendo, but overall their E3 2018 presentation wasn't among the best. There were no seriously exciting game reveals, and aside from its top tier crossover fighting game no in-development projects really had much by way of deep coverage.

Something that could have salvaged a press conference that led to Nintendo's share price dropping dramatically would have been a little more information on the new Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch. The title is reportedly set to release next year, but as of yet there's been very little to learn about the game. Instead, the only detail shared about the Pokémon franchise in general was a brief look at the Pokémon Let's Go! games.

Rocksteady’s New Game

Batman Arkham Robin and Nightwing

The Batman: Arkham trilogy is one of the best series of superhero video games seen in the industry. Rocksteady's Batman games set a major precedent for other developers looking to bring comic book heroes to life, and something that the new Spider-Man PS4 game will no doubt be wanting to eclipse.

With that in mind, there's been a lot of attention on what Rocksteady has planned next. It's been rumored that the studio is moving on to Superman, but the anticipated reveal of the project (whatever it is) at E3 never came. The disappointment over a lack of presence at the expo even led to a response from Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill, who took to Twitter to state that the project is not ready to share just yet.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat X Scorpion profile

Mortal Kombat and Injustice creative direct Ed Boon is possibly the king of cryptic comments, and has never been shy about teasing games. As such, when Boon wrote a post on Twitter that suggested a Mortal Kombat announcement was on the way, fans of the classic fighting franchise were on tenterhooks to see what was in store.

Whatever that comment related to, it wasn't anything that could be shared at E3 2018. Mortal Kombat 11 was not revealed at the expo, meaning that whatever NetherRealm Studios has in store it's keeping quiet about it for the time being. Hopefully, the next Mortal Kombat game is better about its monetization in any case.

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