Dynasty: 5 Things They Changed In The Reboot (And 5 Things They Kept The Same)

Fans of the '80s version of Dynasty might not love the younger and sassier reboot of Dynasty in 2019, but it's an amazing show in its own right.

Some have called the Dynasty of the '80s ‘untouchable,’ saying the updated version can’t hold a candle to the series which caused waves three decades ago. Younger and sassier than ever, the reboot of Dynasty is a show in its own right.

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There might be Dynasty fans who have been disappointed with the revival of their old, favorite sitcom. But there are those who enjoy the changes and believe they are to be celebrated. Here are five things which are different from the original Dynasty, and five things which have stayed the same:

10 Same: Familiar names and characters

The good news for Dynasty fans is that the original characters are back to facilitate some exciting onscreen action. This 'core cast' of familiar characters and names stirs up sentimental feelings among old fans, and creates a host of new Dynasty lovers.

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Among the much-loved characters featuring in the series is Alexis, originally played by Joan Collins. Directors have hinted that they will build up to Alexis' grand appearance. So it's going to be a biggie! Still, one has to wonder how anyone other than Joan Collins can quite pull off the sophisticated elegance of Alexis.

9 Changed: More political relevance

The news is definitely filled with talk of dynasties, whether it’s the Trumps or Kardashians or Clintons or Murdochs. Directors have explained that with the advent of big families of influential status, like the Trumps, society is now living in an age of 'dynasties,' making the show more relevant than ever before. Dynasty definitely has a place in today's culture.

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However convoluted the storyline of the past Dynasty series, or however convoluted the narrative of the upgraded Dynasty might become – this is politics, and it’s here to stay!

8 SAME: It's all about family

Dynasty of the past glorified the family unit and family, including family business, formed the setting where all the action and drama took place Whatever vile and villainous things the members did, they stayed true to 'family' and never stopped loving one another. The new Dynasty will also have a strong leaning towards family and family values. The family business will also take center stage in lots of the series’ drama. There will still be family fights, as in the old series, but the subject of these fights will be adapted to modern audiences.

7 CHANGED: Comic undertones

Dynasty of the past might have had very serious undertones. But the Dynasty of the future is marked by comic undertones, according to directors of the new show. This means the catfights which colored the older Dynasty will be counter-balanced with comic interludes, making for even more dynamic scripts and colorful interplays between characters. The cast of the new and upgraded Dynasty has been reported to be 'really funny.' So brace yourselves for Dynasty... with a comic twist.

6 SAME: Fashion takes center stage

It's a fact - Dynasty has always been a stylish show. Back in its day, with Joan Collins strutting her stuff as Alexis, there was much focus on the 'who's who' of modern society and the ins and outs of fashion.

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The reboot of Dynasty also has fashion as a centerpiece of its fan offering. Meredith Markworth-Pollack is a designer of the cast's wardrobe for the newly updated series. She was an assistant designer for Gossip Girl and knows a thing or two about fashion.

5 CHANGED: Change of Location

The original location for Dynasty was Denver. The new setting for the rebooted Dynasty is Atlanta. Directors have called Atlanta a 'realistic location for the family to be based in.' It has been argued that whether Denver or Atlanta, this makes little difference to the overall rollout of the popular series. One director explained it by saying the team didn't feel like the location was an issue that was integral to the show, and so they just picked a place off the map… and it looks like that place was Atlanta!

4 SAME: Fights and squabbles

Fans of Dynasty might remember that what they loved most about the series was the bickering and intense squabbles between family members, lovers, colleagues, and, and, and... The reboot of Dynasty is every bit as edgy. There is both physical fightings, as well as disagreements ‘through words,’ as directors so tactfully explain. Viewers of the rebooted Dynasty can also expect a few catfights. This is definitely cold weather and popcorn material and as with the original show, will keep fans discussing the series and its dynamics over coffee and around the dinner table.

3 CHANGED: Krystle's name respelled

Linda Evans' character, Krystle, will be played by Nathalie Kelley, from Peru. In the updated series, Krystle will be ‘Crystal,' her name intentionally reworked to reflect the changed dynamics of her character. She will also be of Latina descent, from Venezuela.

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Directors have tried to incorporate the diversity of American culture into the rebooted Dynasty, adding exciting geopolitical dialogue and themes through the Venezuelan character and her input into the script. This will be along with other multi-cultural additions to the series.

2 same: A focus on powerful and ambitious women

Feminist ideals will color the narrative of the new Dynasty, in keeping with changing times and society’s move towards the ‘liberated woman.’ This means there will be some powerful, ambitious women taking the lead in the series. Two of the central women stars, Gillies and Kelley, are career-hungry women who will fight for dominance in the family business. This is much the same as the original show of the 1980s, which saw two women sparring against each other — not for a business, but for a man.

1 changed: More liberal

Society has changed and Dynasty has been reworked to reflect these changes. The series’ shift to liberal sexuality might not be met with favor by many fans, used to the original Dynasty which, while harboring some upheaval in the script, kept a fairly straight and narrow path in terms of sticking to sexual convention.

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Directors have studied social themes and demographics to make the show more relevant in terms of trends in culture, interpersonal relationships and political and societal perceptions.

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