Dynasty: 5 Things That The Reboot Does Better Than The Original (& 5 Vice Versa)

Fans of the original Dynasty might not have easily warmed up to the idea of a fresher, newer upgrade of the series, but it did do some things better.

Interestingly, the original Dynasty was created as competition for Dallas on CBS. The popular series focussed on a family known as the Carringtons, and on their family business. It included lots of action. Not everyone (for example, the Colbys) was happy about the Carrington family's burgeoning success, though.

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Fans of the original Dynasty might not have easily warmed up to the idea of a fresher, newer upgrade of the series. Still, there are things the reboot does better than the original. Here are five ways the reboot outshines the original... and five ways the original outshines the reboot!

10 New Series Does Better: Treatment of race

The original Dynasty was legendary. It's hard to argue that. It enjoyed cult status for some good reasons. Still, it was very 'white.' There were few characters of other races and cultures. For this reason, it was lacking in many respects. The upgraded Dynasty is more sensitive to racial nuances.

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There are Latina, colored, and black cast members and interracial relationships. The first thing old fans of the original show will notice about the reworked series is this diversity. Thumbs up to the new, all-inclusive script!

9 Old Series Does Better: The old Krystle had more guts

There are differences between Krystle with a K, of the old Dynasty (Linda Evans), and Cristal with a C of the new Dynasty (Nathalie Kelley), which go beyond the spelling of their names. The original Krystle might have been rather slow, but she didn’t let people walk over her.

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The new Cristal might be slightly annoying to older Dynasty fans. She is a little flaky, especially in her interactions with Alexis and Fallon. The Krystle of the original Dynasty was something of a legend.

8 New Series Does Better: Women with dignity

Catfights colored the script of the original Dynasty, with Krystle and Alexis continually at each other’s throats – often in very undignified ways. Their quarreling was for the most part over Blake, who held both of their affections. There wasn’t room enough in the relationship with Blake for three – hence the fighting. The new series sees the two women fighting over something quite different – their careers. These women are now portrayed as focussed and somewhat more respectful. A man no longer determines their worth.

7 Old Series Does Better: Sizzling Joanie sets the standards high

Red 'claws' and all, Joan Collins was one of Dynasty's best-known secrets. She oozed glamour and malice... and red lip gloss. Somehow, the show isn't quite the same without her. Nicollette Sheridan plays her part in the rebooted Dynasty, and while she is arguably cut from the same cloth, she doesn't quite speak style and sophistication in the way only Joan Collins knew how. She doesn't quite make the same bold statement as her counterpart. Good news is that Joanie might make an appearance in the new Dynasty. We're holding thumbs!

6 New Series Does Better: Technology explores new frontiers

Technology empowers the narrative of the upgraded Dynasty to be more punchy and dynamic. It also means new possibilities are ahead. Those dramatic catfights of the original Dynasty can take new dimensions online through social media. There are also new implications for the family business and all the ‘old’ things of the past Dynasty can be transformed by technology to be given new meaning and possibilities. Twitter, Facebook, emails, YouTube… the possibilities are endless and make for some exciting viewing.

5 Old Series Does Better: The stuff of legends

Viewers might love the new Dynasty but loyal fans of the 1980s original argue that you can't beat an original. While the new series might have its strong following of fans, it could be argued that times have changed and the indelible footprints Dynasty left across the 1980s, hasn't quite been replicated by the upgraded version of the show.

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The 1980s was a unique era in that sitcoms were celebrated in and held much influence in popular society. Times have changed and the new Dynasty can't quite take center stage as the original did.

4 New Series Does Better: Full speed ahead

The original Dynasty’s storyline unfolded at a much slower pace the rebooted version. This left viewers holding on from episode to episode to find out what would happen. The pacing could at times be frustrating – like, get on with it already! While the new plot is much the same, everything transpires at a much faster pace.

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This makes for more action, and greater compatibility with viewers’ need for a tentative, drama-filled rollout of TV action. For this season, fans of the sassier, youth-oriented Dynasty are advised to buckle up!

3 Old Series Does Better: Scenes which have stood the test of time

Scenes which probably will never be forgotten (which viewers can’t forget… even if they tried) colored the rollout of the original Dynasty.

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While the new Dynasty presents an immaculate, engaging script, somehow there hasn't been a scene yet with quite the same impact as the memorable scenes of its 1980s counterpart. Who could forget the scene in the lily pond when Krystle and Alexis had a go at each other? Water splashing, hissing, hair pulling… the stuff that makes for memorable viewing. Point made.

2 New Series Does Better: Fallon shows fans how it's done

With her newfound independence, the Fallon of the rebooted Dynasty far outshines the old Fallon who had some dependency issues. The old Fallon, played by Pamela Sue Martin, was a stubborn brat who had issues with her father and with men. She also suffered amnesia and according to her testimony, took a ride in a UFO. The Fallon of the new Dynasty isn't bent on her father's approval. Still, she likes her dad's company. Definitely an improvement on a character who left viewers wondering…

1 Old Series Does Better: Awarded success

The original Dynasty wasn’t just loved by fans. It was applauded by the ‘who’s who’ of the entertainment world. The show started as a competition for Dallas, and eventually climbed to the top of ratings, being hailed as the number one TV show in America in 1985.

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It was also aired in 80 countries, which for an ‘80s sitcom was a phenomenal success. It’s for this reason diehard fans have referred to it as ‘untouchable.'

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