SNL’s Kenan Thompson Texts Former All That Costar Kel Mitchell After Every DWTS Dance

Dancing with the Stars' Kel Mitchell says his former All That costar and star of SNL, Kenan Thompson texts him after each one of his dances.

SNL Kenan Thompson and Dancing with the Stars Kel Mitchel

Dancing with the Stars' Kel Mitchell says his former All That costar and star of SNL, Kenan Thompson texts him after each one of his dances. Even though next is Disney night, the comedian gushed about the support from his Nickelodeon family.

the 41-year-old comedian got his start when he was only 16-years-old when he got his role on All That, a Nickelodeon sketch comedy series that was basically a child-appropriate SNL. Mitchell played multiple characters alongside Thompson from 1994 to 1999. In 1996, Nickelodeon launched Kenan & Kel, a comedy series starring the best friends, which aired until 2000. The duo also starred in Nick’s original movie Good Burger in 1997.

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This week may be Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars, but Mitchell is a Nickelodeon man. He spoke to Us Weekly while at Disneyland on Thursday, October 10th, while he and dance pro and partner Witney Carson got inspired by the Disney spirit. He and Carson are set to dance jazz for their next performance. The comedian revealed that while his friend Kenan Thompson can't make it to the live recordings of Dancing with the Stars, he always supports him. He said, "Kenan [Thompson]'s shooting Saturday Night Live in New York, but he texts me after I'm done every time."

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell All That

The All That alum explained that his ex-costar and BFF text him after every single one of his performances, saying, "He's like, 'Hey, you did so good.'" He spoke of his friend, saying, "That's my boy. That's family." Since playing alongside Thompson on All That back in the '90s, Mitchell and Thompson are still working together as executive producers of the reboot. It seems he's not only getting support from Thompson but from the whole new All That cast as well, when they were all in attendance during last week's show. He said to see them all there was amazing, saying, "That was really, really cool." He said, "Team Nickelodeon in the building!" 

Mitchell and Thompson have been friends since they got their start together back in 1994. Their 25-year-long friendship seems to be held together by the love of sketch comedy and the constant outpouring of support they bring to each other. This week, fans know that Thompson will be watching Mitchell's Disney inspired jazz dance from home feeling proud.

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Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Us

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