Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage Set Photos Offer First Look At Naomie Harris

Dwayne Johnson shares some set photos from Rampage, his upcoming giant-monster movie, including one with co-star Naomie Harris.

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Dwayne Johnson shared some set photos from Rampage, including one with co-star Naomie Harris. With roles in Fate of the Furious and Baywatch, plus the late-year release Jumanji, Johnson is set to have a huge 2017. In 2018, Johnson will be back again for the video game adaptation Rampage, which will star him as an animal expert pitted against not only a trio of building-destroying giant monsters but also an evil corporation led by the villainous Malin Akerman.

The film re-teams Johnson with San Andreas director Brad Peyton, and features a pretty strong supporting cast including Moonlight Oscar nominee Naomie Harris. Rampage is currently shooting and we've already seen some glimpses of what the movie has in store, including a photo showing Johnson hanging out with a mo-cap actor doing work for one of the movie's mayhem-causing mutant creatures.

Now thanks to a pair of set photos posted on Johnson's "The Rock" Instagram, we have been given another behind-the-scenes look at the making of Rampage, including a shot showing Johnson working with co-star Harris. In this shot, Johnson and Harris are in handcuffs being led across an airport tarmac by DHS officers. We can only assume this development is somehow related to the massive homeland security threat represented by super-sized mutants capable of taking down buildings. In the Rampage synopsis, it's revealed that Johnson is actually trying to help the mutants, who started out as animals he was protecting as part of an anti-poaching operation in Rwanda.

Friday night. 4am. On set. #RAMPAGE Been shooting all night and I'm jacked up on caffeine but at least I'm getting in trouble with my partner in crime, the lovely and extremely talented, Naomie Harris. Now if I can just break these military flex cuffs, I can do some real hero shit and look cool in front of my leading lady. And by "look cool" I mean get my ass handed to me by these armed military boys. We're makin' a pretty mega monster movie down here. Hard work but a lotta fun. #OnSet #BonnieAndClyde #GiveMeMoreCaffeine #RAMPAGE

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In the second shot posted by Johnson, we see the actor putting a soldier in a sleeper hold likely as part of his plan to escape from the DHS people seen in the first shot. Clearly, Johnson's character is not happy about his animal friends being given an aggression serum that caused them to grow to monstrous size and become bad.

Enter Sandman. Before we got to this loving point, I told this very bad man that our current situation wasn't working for me and I'd like to see a peaceful change. He disagreed. Then felt 22 inches of hell. (or heaven pending your perspective) #OnSet #RAMPAGE #TheMegaMonsterMovie #AndABadManGoingNightNight ?

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The original Rampage video game came out as an arcade title by Bally Midway in 1986, and allowed up to three players at once to play as the monsters tearing down buildings in various cities all across the United States. The game featured a giant mutant crocodile, a giant gorilla and a giant wolf, and all three of those creatures will be featured in the movie.

Video game adaptations are always a risky proposition, but this one has a couple things going for it that could help it break through, namely giant monsters and Dwayne Johnson. San Andreas was a huge hit for Johnson and Peyton, and they're hoping they can make it two-for-two in the disaster movie genre with Rampage.

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