The Rock Does Not Run Like Tom Cruise in New Rampage Set Photo

Whatever you do, don't tell Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that he runs like Tom Cruise, as he references the actor when posting a new photo from the Rampage set. Sometimes, an actor becomes famous not just for their movies, but for a single line or behavior they repeat in their movies - to the point where audiences often expect to see or hear something just by virtue of an actor's involvement. Such as Arnold Schwarzenegger promising "I'll be back," or Matthew McConaughey saying "All right, all right, all right." It doesn't always make sense, but when it does, the actors will include their personal bit.

One of these well known bits involves Tom Cruise. Specifically, Cruise running. He doesn't do it in every movie. But frequently, when audiences go to see Cruise in a film they will have at least one opportunity to see the actor in an all out sprint. Whether he is chasing someone, being chased, or engaged in some kind of fantasy, the image is well known. Arms pumping, hair blowing back, no other actor is as known for their running ability as him. The image is so iconic that during the filming of Vanilla Sky the entirety of Time Square was cleared of people to give him the space to run completely unencumbered, as well as create a unique visual.

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So when one of the producers of the upcoming Dwayne Johnson film Rampage told the actor that he was running like Cruise, he probably thought he was giving Johnson a compliment. However, Johnson wasn't having it. After explaining to the producer why his running style and Cruise's are very different, he repeated his explanation on Instagram - along with a picture of him running against a green screen while filming.

Headhunter lean.. with full grenade belt. While shooting this running scene all day, one of our producers said "Rock you're running like Tom Cruise in his movies".. I said stop the music right there. Nope. Cruise runs like 6 o'clock. Straight up and down, arms tight to the body like an offensive player running for the end zone. This is the run of a defensive headhunter. Forward lean, stride long, arms open and pumping. Intense eyes fixated on the target ?which my warrior ancestors lovingly referred to as your head. This running form is also called, "get me the fuck outta here because there's a genetically modified 50 TON BEAST that's trying to eat me and all I wanted to do is just want to go home and have tequila and waffles". #HeadhunterLean #FightOrFlight #IDontTasteLikeChicken #RAMPAGE

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Close examination of the picture demonstrates that Johnson's description of how both men run is accurate. Cruise runs with his body in a very straight vertical line, keeping his arms tight to his body. Johnson's run is angled, he's clearly leaning into the run, with his arms out as he pumps them. And there is also a distinct lack of hair blowing back from his face.

With Johnson's history in athletics, it makes sense for him to be very aware of how he and others run. He wrestled and ran track in high school as well as playing football, continued football through college, before training and working as a professional wrestler. Cruise also played football in high school, but does not have nearly as much athletic training as Johnson.

Still, both men can run like the wind, in spite of their different styles. Perhaps once Rampage is done filming the two of them can find either a sports or action movie to make together. One that lets them run side by side so their fans can find out once and for all just who the fastest runner is.

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