Dwayne Johnson's Rampage Trailer is Coming Soon

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Rampage

The Dwayne Johnson-headlined Rampage trailer has been rated and is expected to debut in theaters with director Zack Snyder's Justice League. Warner Bros. Pictures' video game adaptation - which is also the second WB video game movie slated to hit theaters in 2018, following the Tomb Raider series reboot - features The Rock in the role of Davis Okoye, a primatologist who joins forces with a disgraced genetic engineer (Moonlight's Naomie Harris) in order to stop a trio of giant monsters created by a genetic experiment gone wrong.

Rampage reunites Johnson with a number of his previous collaborators behind the camera; including, director Brad Peyton - who also worked with The Rock on the family fantasy adventure Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and the natural disaster thriller San Andreas - as well as screenwriters Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse, who also cowrote the Johnson vehicles Hercules (2014) and San Andreas, respectively. It was generally expected that the Rampage trailer would premiere in theaters sometime ahead of the release of Johnson's December tentpole, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Now, it appears the first footage from The Rock's monster bonanza could (make that should) be unveiled before next Friday rolls around.

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TrailerTrack is confirming that the first Rampage trailer has been rated by the Manitoba Film Classification Board, suggesting it should make its way online within the next week. Seeing as Justice League is the studio's last major film release for 2017, it only makes sense for WB to attach the Rampage trailer to its DC superhero blockbuster in theaters - allowing it to potentially be screened with other big releases in theaters this December (including, films like Welcome to the Jungle and Star Wars: The Last Jedi).

Rampage Set Photo Teases More Destruction
Dwayne Johnson on the Rampage set

While the promise of The Rock battling sky-scraping monsters on the big screen is obviously the biggest selling point for Rampage, the sci-fi-fi action/film's supporting cast isn't too shabby either. In addition to the Oscar-nominated Harris (who's also known for playing Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig James Bond films), the Rampage cast includes The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Billions star (and Morgan's former Watchmen costar) Malin Akerman, and the future big screen Deathstroke himself, Joe Manganiello, among others.

Johnson's cheesy, crowd-pleasing, action vehicles are practically a brand in and of themselves at this stage, following the commercial success of his previous collaborations with Rampage's director and writers alike. While Rampage looks to be another chip off the same block and should prove able to attract a sizable audience for that same reason, The Rock (naturally) isn't waiting around to find out before he moves ahead with his next project. Indeed, by the time that Rampage actually hits theaters next year, Johnson should already be into production on the Disney theme park ride-turned big screen adventure, Jungle Cruise.

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Look for the Rampage trailer on Screen Rant sometime next week!

Source: TrailerTrack

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