Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage Adds Hunger Games & Daredevil Actors


Hollywood continues to pump out video game adaptations, even when the properties seem to keep missing some vital spark that would turn them into huge hits -- and next year that includes a live-action revamp of the classic arcade game Rampage. This latest video game movie is set to star Dwayne Johnson (who is also heading up the project), with Brad Peyton directing from a screenplay written by Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condol.

There have been plenty of casting news for the project as of late, which is due to start shooting next month. Joining Johnson will be P J Byrne (as a scientist who works alongside Johnson's character), Naomie Harris (as a geneticist with a moral streak) and potentially Joe Manganiello and Marley Shelton, who are reportedly in negotiations with the film.

Now, two more names have been added to the cast list: Jack Quaid and Matt Gerald. Variety reports that the two actors have closed deals with the film, although there is no news about the roles that they will be playing .

Fans will recognize Quaid from his role in the Hunger Games franchise, where he played Marvel, a tribute. He has recently appeared in the series Vinyl, as well as this month's horror comedy Tragedy Girls. Matt Gerald, meanwhile, is known for his roles on Avatar, Dexter, and Daredevil. This won't be Gerald's first time working with Johnson, either, as he appeared alongside the actor in San AndreasIt certainly looks like Rampage is going to be something of a San Andreas reunion, with the director and screenwriter from that action flick also working on the project.


It's great to see Rampage finally get rolling with a full cast and an official start date, as the project has been in development hell for several years now. These additions are interesting to see, even without knowing exactly who they will be portraying in the film. So far, however, the cast seems to be all that we are allowed to know about the film, with no real plot details divulged as of yet. We do know that there are going to be some science and military forces involved, and that the monsters from the video games will be making an appearance, but that's it for now. Of course, now that the cast looks like it is being nicely rounded out, we can hope to see some behind-the-scenes photos that will give us more clues soon.


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Source: Variety 

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  • Rampage (2018) release date: Apr 13, 2018
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