Jumanji Interview: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart & Jack Black

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle finally debuts in theaters worldwide this week, just in time for the holidays, and we had the opportunity to speak with the cast about the long-awaited sequel. In this new Jumanji adventure directed by Jake Kasdan, the classic board game becomes a '90s video game and transports its players into the jungle itself, the same mystical place Alan Parrish (Robin Williams) found himself trapped in decades earlier.

Four high school students find there way into the jungle and into the avatars of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan and hilarity ensues. I spoke with Dwayne, Jack and Kevin about this experience, what they want to see in Jumanji 3, and their perfect (or not) chemistry and even asked them a super important question that The Rock asked me to ask.

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As you'll see, it's less an interview (like our Nick Jonas interview), and more of a hilarious showpiece of the chemistry between the stars of Jumanji. It's this that helps the sequel excel to new heights in its levels of fun and funny.

Dwayne Johnson: Screen Rant is in the house!

Thank you guys for taking the time!

Dwayne Johnson: We love you guys, man!

Thanks, I appreciate that. I'll tell the team. For you guys, congratulations . This is a super fun movie and you guys successfully brought it back in a cool way.

Jack Black: Thanks!

I gotta ask though. I heard your story about how you guys got involved. From the beginning though, did you know that you guys would be going into the jungle through a video game? Was that always the plan?

Kevin Hart: Yes. That was the plan from the jump

Dwayne Johnson: It was in the script.

Kevin Hart: Yes, exactly. I think you want the movie to feel real. You want the elements of your surrounding environment to be real or as real as it can be. I think the jungle aspect, it was much needed. To have the opportunity to come to Hawaii and to really be in it was a must. Whether you're a fan of insects and bugs or not, it's weird. You had to be --

Dwayne Johnson: He hates insects and bugs. That's why he's just saying that. He's still affected by it.

Kevin Hart: Yeah I'm from the city.

Dwayne Johnson: We were fucking with him every day.

Kevin Hart: I'm used to buildings and stuff

Dwayne Johnson: Well, I don't know if you build things.

Kevin Hart: Well I'm not, I'm just saying I'm used to tall, skyscraping buildings. I'm a city guy.

Dwayne Johnson: (Laughs) Yes.

I'm sure you're fans as well, but now that you're in the world, what would you guys like to see from the next Jumanji adventure if there could be another sequel?

Kevin Hart: Wow.

Jack Black: If you don't mind me jumping in. I think it would be cool to see the mind behind the game. It'd be cool to like explore - because there's gotta be like some alien technology -

Dwayne Johnson: Like Oz.

Jack Black: Exactly. Who's behind the curtain on this game.

Dwayne Johnson: Awww.

Jack Black: We haven't really scratched the surface of that universe.

Dwayne Johnson: That was a cool thing when we were putting this thing together, developing the script, and we all felt like - first of all, the device - if it evolves from a board game then to a video game, then in the future it could be... who knows what it could be, right? So it's kind of like limitless where the entry can be. And also the device of us being teenagers too. We knew it was going to be fun because then I think it opens up the world and you think "well, who are the other actors you want to play with?"

Kevin Hart: Yeah.

Dwayne Johnson: Who can be a great high school kid and turn that high school kid into you name it. Whoever your favorite is, you know. I dunno. Chris Hemsworth or something.

Jack Black: Well-

Kevin Hart: You said it. The video game is endless. Go ahead, Jack.

Jack Black: It's just that the cool thing is that the game itself is alive. It has evolved since the first one. So it'd be cool to see how it evolves to the next chapter.

Dwayne Johnson: Yeah. Yes.

Kevin Hart: Look, when you say "game" I think that's one of the biggest things going with the generation today. The games continue to grow. They continue to get bigger. They continue to get better. So as long as you can tap into that world of bigger you have unlimited options. The question is, what do the people want? You know, the fanbase out there, and how are they going to respond to what we did this go around. Are they going to go "oh my god, it's amazing! We had no idea it could be this." And if so, those numbers at the box office can then turn into another situation we put ourselves in.

Dwayne Johnson: Absolutely.

Kevin Hart: So, it's all on the people and what they want and what they're up to.

Dwayne Johnson: I mean right now, the idea of, again a Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, myself and probably in the next one, a Michael B. Jordan, you know, and instead of -

Kevin Hart: That's weird.

Dwayne Johnson: What do you mean?


Kevin Hart: I think you skipped me. I think you skipped me. Skipped over me because why would you go through everybody but then it got to me and you did something weird.

Dwayne Johnson: No I just thought that maybe, I don't know, that maybe your run was over. I didn't know if you liked uh -

Jack Black: I mean, because Creed.

Dwayne Johnson: Creed.

Jack Black: Oh my god -

Dwayne Johnson: That's what i'm saying. Based off Creed.

Kevin Hart: Well, guys -

Dwayne Johnson: That's why -

Kevin Hart: Guys, maybe this is a conversation for off camera.

Dwayne Johnson: I'm sorry, yeah. Cameras are rolling. Okay, yeah.

Kevin Hart: That got weird. What do you mean -

Jack Black: We have talked to Michael B. Jordan.

Dwayne Johnson: We've talked to Michael.

Kevin Hart: ... my run is over? I got -

Jack Black: He's into it

Dwayne Johnson: Right

Jack Black: ... So we're excited about that.

Dwayne Johnson: I thought that you were like this is one and done for you.

Kevin Hart: No! Who said that?! I never said -

Dwayne Johnson: Well the problem is, here's the thing, the chemistry sucks.

Jack Black: (laughs)

Kevin Hart: Hold on. What? Wait a minute.

It's challenging.

Dwayne Johnson: Let's be real.

You mentioned fandom. I do have one quick fan question. This is from @TheRock...

Dwayne Johnson: (Laughs) This is legit by the way!

This is authentic. I'm not fucking around here.

Kevin Hart: Well ain't this about a bitch. Ain't this about a bitch.

Dwayne Johnson: (laughs)

Jack Black: (laughs)

Do you have any insight? I mean...

Kevin Hart: You got a time that tweet was sent out?

It's verified.

Dwayne Johnson: That was... I believe it was yesterday. Right?

From @TheRock...

Dwayne Johnson: I mean, they asked the question to all the fans: Do you have any questions for Jack Black and Kevin and DJ and I thought "yeah, here's my question." Why is me and my best friend Jack Black, why do we have great chemistry and your breath smells like three-day-old dog shit?

Kevin Hart: First of all, in my defense. Okay, if there was anything ever wrong with my breath -

Jack Black: It's a two-parter! (Laughs)

Dwayne Johnson: Yes.

Kevin Hart: The conditions -

Dwayne Johnson: My. Best. Friend. Jack. Black.

Kevin Hart: - The conditions that we shot in cause you to keep your mouth closed for a long time. Everybody knows that's when your stomach builds up stinky acids.


Kevin Hart: Okay.

Dwayne Johnson: Yea but I mean, you're supposed to brush your teeth and there's shit called Listerine and things like that.

Kevin Hart: Okay. Okay. We're in the jungle! So if you're going to play a part, play it correctly. They didn't have Listerine -

Dwayne Johnson: I didn't tell you to method act.

Kevin Hart: I am a method actor. So you want me not to go full speed ahead. I'll tell you this.

Dwayne Johnson: The cameras are rolling -

Kevin Hart: You know he wears a diaper on set?

Dwayne Johnson: Now why you got to... Don't. Don't reveal that.

Kevin Hart: Did you know that?

Dwayne Johnson: Don't say that.

Kevin Hart: That's right. Mr. The Rock himself wears Depends.

Dwayne Johnson: Don't reveal this.

Kevin Hart: All day.

Dwayne Johnson: Listen.

Kevin Hart: There's a goddamn adult pull-up on his ass right now.

Jack Black: That's gonna be in one of our crossover -

Dwayne Johnson: I stay well hydrated. That's the problem. Okay. So sometimes I just don't want to leave and leave these guys on set and go to the bathroom.

I get it.

Dwayne Johnson: Right? So when you're me, hey, the world is your bathroom.

Jack Black: Is that one of our sponsors? Depends?

Kevin Hart: No.

Jack Black: No.

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