Dwayne Johnson Stars in Goodfellas & Napoleon Dynamite Sequels

See what Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson would look like starring in (fake) sequels to movies like Goodfellas and Napoleon Dynamite.

Dwayne Johnson put his comedy skills to the test for a new video, featuring 'The Rock" starring in a series of (fake) movie sequels. The wrestler-turned A-lister Hollywood star is no stranger to riffing on his tough guy image for comedic effect and is primed to do it again this month, when he stars alongside Zac Efron in a movie comedy reboot of the TV series, Baywatch. The Rock has been adding his name to more and more established properties in recent years (a la Baywatch) and will keep on doing just that in the future, on such upcoming films as Rampage and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, to name but two of them.

With his lead role in The Fate of the Furious already in the rearview mirror for general audiences and Johnson alike, the A-list actor seems to always on the prowl for more acting work. Even with such big budget projects like the DC Extended Universe movie Black Adam and the Disney park ride-turned tentpole Jungle Cruise on the way, this new comedy short features Johnson seeking even more work on the big screen, by way of some ill-advised sequels.

In the video featured above, Johnson stars as himself in an original comedy short produced by GQ as a part of its Comedy issue - with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt supporting player Tituss Burgess playing the role of Johnson's agent. Following a series of comical skits that spoof several well-known films (going from Goodfellas to Napoleon Dynamite), Johnson ceremoniously leaves his agent's office in a huff after being pitched a whole string of poorly-conceived - albeit hilarious - franchise films.

Baywatch - Kelly Rohrbach, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron

Seeing Johnson apply his own presence and comic spin to such well-known and beloved movies as Home Alone and The Revenant is certainly entertaining, and the results are a pleasant experience to watch unfold. It's too bad that all of the sequels proposed by Burgess to Johnson are fictitious, as some of them might make for intriguing studio comedy projects in their own right.

As things continue to develop leading up to the summer release of Johnson in the heavily-marketed Baywatch, moviegoers will no doubt be reminded once again of the enviable sense of comedic timing and performative nuance that Johnson possesses. And depending on how well his work in the former film pans out with both critics and general audiences, maybe even more comedy roles will be in Johnson's immediate future.

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Source: GQ

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