The Rock Becomes Fantastic Four's The Thing in Marvel Fan Art

See Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson become Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm, better known to comic fans as The Thing, in this piece of Marvel fan art.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson becomes Fantastic Four’s The Thing in Marvel fan art. Although many feel the actor was born to play a Marvel superhero, DC got to Johnson first, casting him as the titular character in the upcoming Black Adam movie.

Ben Grimm, better known as The Thing, was introduced in 1961, along with the rest of Marvel’s first family. He has already been portrayed on the big screen in 2005 by Michael Chiklis in Fantastic Four, as well as its sequel in 2007. More recently, Grimm was played by Jamie Bell in Josh Trank’s 2015 Fantastic Four film. None of the three movies were particularly well-received. This has fans anxious to see what Marvel Studios will do with the characters now that they are officially able to use them, thanks to the Disney/Fox deal. Viewers may be eagerly anticipating any information on this new MCU iteration of the team, but they will have to wait until Phase 5 to catch a glimpse.

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This piece from BossLogic imagines what The Rock would look like as Fantastic Four’s The Thing. While the artist regularly turns out incredible superhero pieces, it seems as though this was done more for the pun than anything else. BossLogic admitted as much, stating that he “wanted to turn the rock into rocks.”

Although Johnson was cast in Black Adam a while ago, the movie has been taking shape rather slowly. Considering his history as Billy Batson’s nemesis, many fans assumed the character would appear in Shazam!. He was absent from that film, but the story The Wizard told Thaddeus Sivana in the movie’s opening did seemingly allude to him. This could lay the groundwork for a prequel story, but there is little known of the movie's plot at this point. Production did take a big step forward with the announcement of Jaume Collet-Serra being hired to directBlack Adam is scheduled to start filming in late 2020.

Bosslogic may have created this piece mostly in jest, but the love comic readers have for The Thing is very real. Thus far, the Fantastic Four films have disappointed fans and critics alike. With the characters set to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many are feeling very hopeful about the team’s future. By now Marvel Studios has a proven track record of doing justice to their vast arsenal of amazing heroes and villains. It will undoubtedly be quite some time before the Fantastic Four make their MCU debut, but most viewers are already assuming that it will be well worth the wait.

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Source: BossLogic

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